August 14, 2019 | Shannon Latta

The Best in Digital: New Report Ranks Top Insurance Providers and Popular Sites


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See which brands deliver on experience for healthcare and property/casualty insurance

The bar for digital customer experience is getting higher.

Top popular sites like Amazon, PayPal, and Netflix consistently deliver the kind of personal, fluid, and mobile experiences customers come back to—and every business is being held to that benchmark.

The new Digital Experience Index (DXI) puts the spotlight on the insurance industry, ranking 20 top providers in two categories, healthcare and property/casualty, as ranked by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). The report also ranks the 25 of the most popular U.S. websites as determined by Amazon’s

The popular site rankings include a new entrant to the top five, with Pinterest joining Google, PayPal, Netflix, and Amazon among the best in digital experience. In healthcare insurance, Kaiser Permanente, Molina, and Humana took top spots in both customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score (NPS®). While in the property and casualty sector, Geico lead on satisfaction and USAA took the top spot for NPS.

Understanding the digital insurance experience

While healthcare and property/casualty experiences are quite different for customers, the DXI survey uncovered a number of similarities, such as:

  • The importance of plan comparison tools
  • How customers in both sectors use mobile and desktop channels
  • The role contact centers play in digital experiences

And, of course, the data reveals a slew of insights into each of the two sectors. Browse through our healthcare findings to see:

  • What drives customers to use or avoid health tracking apps
  • How providers might increase use of virtual healthcare and walk-in clinics
  • Which digital tasks customers struggle with most

Read the findings on property and casualty insurance experiences to discover:

  • Which digital tasks bring customers to their providers’ sites
  • What drives customers to use or avoid vehicle tracking apps
  • How providers can improve the digital claims process

Get full details by downloading the DXI report. Our data and insights will show you why improving the digital experience is an opportunity to attract and keep customers engaged with your brand while benefiting your bottom-line.

About the Author

Shannon Latta is vice president of marketing and communications for Verint ForeSee, responsible for brand and positioning, content strategy, product marketing, corporate communications, and marketing results.

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