May 29, 2019 | Shannon Latta

The Best in Digital: New Report Ranks Top Banks and Popular Sites


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See how Ally competes with Bank of America on CSAT and NPS, and if Amazon and Netflix retain top spots

People turn to digital because it’s convenient and always available. Whether they’re consuming media or managing finances, they use websites and apps first and they use them often.

So which brands are providing the best customer experiences in digital? Our new Digital Experience Index (DXI) has answers. The Q1 2019 report gives you two top-25 lists, both ranked by customer satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter ScoresSM (NPS):

  • One for 25 top banking sites as ranked by the Federal Reserve according to total number of consolidated assets.
  • And one for the 25 most popular websites in the U.S., according to

The report reveals a number of trends that hold true across both lists and all industries. Most notably, digital provides customers with two things they love—personalization and on-the-go access:

  • Authenticated (logged in) customers report higher CSAT scores and NPS.
  • 59% of popular site respondents say mobile is their preferred channel while 46% said so for banking sites.

The digital story gets even more interesting in banking, where two branchless banks took top spots in customer satisfaction. But while banking customers are embracing digital-only brands and incorporating digital into their journeys more than ever, the DXI found that omnichannel still matters—a lot. The full report reveals:

  • How many customers close accounts or switch banks due to lack of branch proximity.
  • The ways digital banking impacts branches and call centers.
  • Which channels banking customers prefer when opening an account.

Download the Q1 2019 DXI for all the data-rich details, plus commentary about why competing in digital is helping brands in every industry win across the journey.

About the Author

Shannon Latta is vice president of marketing and communications for Verint ForeSee, responsible for brand and positioning, content strategy, product marketing, corporate communications, and marketing results.

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