January 16, 2013 | Peter Malamas

The Consumer Products Challenge


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Although I work with a wide range of well-known consumer products companies (also known as “consumer packaged goods,” or CPG) and clients, there’s a fairly common theme that arises, especially for those who have a non-e-commerce based website for a low-engagement and need-based product.

For consumer products, digital marketing is like a classic game of Battleship where you’re shooting blind, making educated guesses where your target is, and getting very little precise feedback on how close you were to the target until the end-game…unless, however, you were LUCKY enough to score a direct hit! In the Consumer Products marketing world, without the proper customer experience analytics you’re unfortunately getting only a simple binary “hit or miss the target” answer to a very complicated set of customer experience questions. On top of it all you’re not getting any good advance insights on where to aim. As business leaders, you shouldn’t have to rely on luck to get the job done.

The ForeSee Blog Consumer Products ChallengeCompany leaders in CPG are faced with the constant struggle of attribution: how to quantify the contribution of their significant digital customer experience investments to overall business objectives. Since all (or the majority) of their actual customer purchases are taking place offline/in-store, they don’t have online sales data to prove success or place a solid value on their digital customer experience. They also face the challenge of having little to no control over the customer experience in the retail location.

This is where using scientifically proven customer experience analytics to measure the digital customer experience is crucial. Doing so affords you the opportunity to optimize the experience to create more satisfied customers.

There is a continuous social and digital “conversation” happening. If you are going to make the significant investment in that multi-channel social and digital customer (and prospective customer) conversation, continuous listening to that voice of customer conversation, in the channels where you CAN capture it and where you CAN control the customer experience to act upon the insights gained, is essential.

The problem is you’re likely swimming in the waters of behavioral data, while experiencing a drought–a shortage of proven attitudinal insights and predictive analytics based on voice of customer. This is precisely where ForeSee can fill an important gap.

ForeSee’s post web visit measurement is a very powerful tool. It’s a great analytics asset that allows you to re-collect voice of customer from a prior online survey respondent, weeks after their initial website visit, to understand what that individual did and what actually happened after their visit. This allows you to achieve a major goal that’s previously been pretty difficult:  cross-channel attribution of the real-world impact of your web experience on the end-game, and your visitor’s ultimate offline purchase behavior. This is highly useful for attributing offline purchase behavior back to the digital experience and understanding the influence between the two channels.

There are key questions that ForeSee can help you answer:

  • Are you providing a satisfying customer experience that drives the behaviors you want from your visitors, such as brand loyalty and a propensity to purchase offline, recommend the brand, remain loyal to the brand, and revisit your digital channel?
  • How do you optimize the experience to drive more positive customer satisfaction attitudes and future behaviors?

These are tough questions to answer. But, with the right methodology, they can be answered. And the answers will be invaluable to moving any company forward.

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Peter Malamas is Director, Enterprise Accounts at ForeSee. His specialty is online solutions that help companies acquire new customers and build stronger relationships with existing customers, using customer experience analytics, digital marketing, and social media. Peter’s experience ranges from individual sales contributor to a leader who’s started-up and consistently grown product lines and business units as Director of Strategic Partnerships at eWayDirect, VP Sales & Product Management at SGA Executive Tracker, and President at idEXEC, an infoGroup company. Peter is an Advisory Board Member to the CX@Rutgers Customer Experience Certification program.

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