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The Rise of the “Mobile First” Consumer


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The stats about mobile penetration keep piling up – tablet sales, smartphone popularity – and it’s still going up!  More companies are starting to respond with mobile sites and apps, while still figuring out the role this growing channel will play in their business.  But there is something most companies are not thinking about, something that will sneak up before they know it, and something that companies need to prepare for.  Just around the corner is a new generation of consumers: people who are “Mobile First” consumers that push the PC to the back seat or out the door altogether!

As I watch my three young boys (ages 11, 9 and 6) learn and experience the digital world, I notice that they use tablets and iTouches before sitting down to use a PC.  Their entire understanding of the web world revolves around “Mobile First” and other screens second.  I’m sure we’ve all seen or heard about the video of the child swiping the PC screen with their finger.  In a funny and symbolic way, that demonstrates the transformation ahead – the fact that mobile is changing how we understand, interact and experience the digital world.  What you don’t realize is that your site already has “Mobile First” users – people whose first experience with your company will be on a mobile site or app.

My kids follow baseball on ESPN and they’ve never been to the PC site, only the mobile version.  Why would they for their needs?  The mobile site gives them everything they need (hopefully a Red Sox winning box score and another Tom Brady comeback victory!).  And they can access the info wherever we go – usually on Dad’s iPhone.

So why is this important?  Most companies, in an effort to get to market fast, have kept costs low and provide limited capabilities, less engagement, and decreased content on their mobile channel experience.  As ForeSee’s benchmark data illustrates, mobile satisfaction is less than web satisfaction.  This means your “Mobile First” customers are getting an inferior or diluted interaction with your brand, your products and your services.  Companies lack the visibility into who their “Mobile First” users are because tracking the customer journey across channels is difficult.  The “Mobile First” audience is so critical because they represent the incremental reach this channel can bring to a company.

Mobile may not be your primary channel, but mobile certainly has a critical impact on the customer journey.  Creating an effective experience to win new customers is a growing opportunity today, and mission critical for tomorrow.  Not only are there “Mobile First” customers in the market (and SO many more coming), there are also increasing segments of “Mobile Preferred” and “Mobile Only” customers.  After all, who uses their PC to check weather anymore?  This micro-tasking event is now dominated with “Mobile Preferred” and “Mobile Only” users.

ForeSee’s mobile experience is helping to drive the future strategy for our clients by:

  • Profiling mobile users to uncover “Mobile First” and “Mobile Only/Preferred” segments.
  • Applying powerful technology-driven customer satisfaction analytics to illuminate key differences across these mobile customer segments.
  • Leveraging satisfaction scores as a true cross-channel metric of comparisons (you can satisfy customers in all channels, but you don’t always have an install or page view as a cross channel comparison metric!).
  • Measuring how the mobile experience impacts the customer journey (did they return to buy at the store, buy from a competitor online/offline?).

ForeSee is applying powerful new technology to specifically measure the impact of mobile on the customer journey across channels, and leveraging our proven science and expertise in the mobile channel to service clients with these important answers.  Regardless of your mobile status – whether you’re about to launch, just launched, or have already have established advanced mobile offerings – preparing for the future is what makes or breaks a business.  And the best way to predict the future behaviors of your customer is to understand their experience today.

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