April 03, 2018 | The XM Blog

The ROI of CX


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One finding from our new Utilities CX Insights report really stands out: Eighty percent of people said that they’d be willing to forgo the call center completely if utility providers offered an ideal online experience.

In fact, our analysis shows a decrease in call-center volume can lead to a potential average savings of $8 million a year. Collectively, the 25 providers included in the rankings stand to save $208 million a year if they attain achievable call-center deflection. That’s a lot of cold, hard cash.

There are other customer preferences impacting the industry — in fact they might be redefining the industry. Utility consumers are becoming “prosumers,” getting actively involved in energy use and efficiency and no longer content to be passive ratepayers. To compete and grow, providers must better calibrate with these customers and meet their new expectations.

Customer perspective is invaluable. And our new report — the first of its kind in the industry — reveals which providers are delivering the customer experience (CX) that consumers want and value by asking the customers themselves. We surveyed 6,250 utility consumers about the top 25 providers to find out what frustrates them, what satisfies them, and what needs are going unmet. As a result, our Utilities CX Insights details what it takes to deliver on CX in the utility industry.

Watch our on-demand webinar where we’ve unpacked all the details from our report! You’ll see how utility providers can cut costs and boost customer satisfaction by improving digital offerings, and how improving CX helps uncover efficiencies and new revenue sources.

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