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The Strategic and Tactical Value of Customer Experience Analytics


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At ForeSee, we’re often asked about best practices for leveraging customer experience analytics.  The answer is simple – your approach must use the data both strategically as well as tactically.

One of our favorite examples of this comes from a case study of one of our media/entertainment clients, PBS.  The main objective of their site was to increase viewer engagement with their television programming.  Their internal metrics showed that highly engaged visitors watched more video on the site, so they were looking into adding more video content and promoting it more prominently on the site.  But this approach was not without some risk:  would online video content cannibalize on-air viewership?

Customer Experience Analytics from ForeSee are both strategic and tacticalThat was the big question.

To answer it, PBS wisely turned to their customer satisfaction data from ForeSee. Our analysis confirmed that increased usage of video content on the site would not only increase on-site engagement, but would also drive increased viewing of on-air programming.  Armed with these insights, they made the decision to move forward with more video content.  This is a great example of using the data strategically.

Moving forward, PBS faced many tactical decisions about how to best implement their strategy.  Once again, they turned to their ForeSee data – this time to optimize how they promoted the video content on the site.  Among their findings:  moving video to the top of the search results was actually driving visitor satisfaction down.  They were able to quickly react to this by fine-tuning their search results page to show a more balanced mix of video and non-video content.

As a result, PBS saw dramatic increases not only in the satisfaction of their site visitors but also in the engagement of their visitors.  As the number of videos watched on the site increased, so did site traffic, repeat visitors, and other key engagement metrics.

This is a great example of why it is important to use your customer satisfaction metrics to both inform strategic decisions, as well as to plan and monitor tactical implementation of site changes.

Download the full case study here.

ForeSee PBS Case Study | Free Download

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