August 15, 2018 | David Hudson

Three UK improved its mobile app experience to drive add-on sales, NPS, and more


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We live in a world of consumers on-the-go, where more than half of daily digital hours are spent on a mobile device. That’s why it should come as no surprise that ForeSee customer satisfaction benchmarks show mobile apps significantly outperform a responsive mobile site: Apps are designed specifically to meet the needs of consumers.

ForeSee works with hundreds of clients to ensure their mobile apps respond to the needs of the customer. Among these clients is Three UK, a communications company whose mobile network covers 99% of the UK population. Three provides an app for customers to conveniently manage their accounts, pay bills, purchase add-ons, and check usage. Unfortunately, adoption was low, and anecdotal feedback led them to believe that there were significant opportunities for improvement.

In working with Three, and in the world of subscription services, we know that customer experience (CX) enhancements drive improved loyalty and reduce customer churn. In the context of mobile apps, an increase in adoption means more in-app sales and lower call center volumes as self-service becomes easier.

With this in mind, Three set out to increase app adoption through the delivery of focused improvements to the app. Working with ForeSee on a methodical and scientific analysis of consumer attitudes, Three gained a clear and comprehensive understanding of task accomplishment, satisfaction, and customer effort for a variety of customer journeys and experiences.

Three identified the key customer journeys for three audience segments: early stage customers, mid-life customers, and those whose contracts were nearing renewal. They worked with ForeSee to identify which aspect of each experience mattered most to each group. This allowed them to prioritize improvement initiatives based upon likely financial returns. Outside of the CX world, one might phrase this as, “the most bang for your buck” (or pound, as Three would see it).

First, Three improved the onboarding experience for new app users. They added in-app messaging, videos, and web chat to help customers set up of bill payments and check usage. This led to a 34% increase in active users and a significant and valuable 9% reduction in calls to the Three contact center. Next, they added the ability to view historical data within the app to meet an important need of the mid-life customers. Finally, a focus on achieving frictionless upsell yielded a 300% increase in add-on purchases.

Overall, as a direct result of the improvements made, the business has seen a 12-point lift in app NPS, a 150% improvement in app users, a 9% decrease in call center volume and a 300% increase in in-app add-on sales. Improving the customer experience has driven significant improvements to both the immediate and long-term bottom line.

Learn more about Three’s journey, and how you can improve your in-app experience, by downloading the case study.

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