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Top Retailers Score High with Mobile Experience


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The ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Retail Edition marks the first scientific benchmark dedicated exclusively to the mobile user experience, taking an in-depth look at how customers rate the mobile experience (both mobile optimized sites and apps on both phones and tablets) of some of the country’s top retailers.

Overall satisfaction with the mobile experience of the measured retailers was very high with scores for the individual retailers ranging from 76-84, with an aggregate score of 79 on ForeSee’s 100-point scale. These are very good scores for every company in the study. However, we have to keep in mind that these are some of the most widely-used retail mobile sites and apps from companies investing significant resources into providing a great mobile experience.

With that said, the ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Retail Edition is a great tool for companies (both in and not in) the study to use as a benchmark to see how they measure up to some of the best in the business.

Already the leader online with a satisfaction score of 89 on the ForeSee E-Retail Satisfaction Index: 2012 Spring Top 100 Edition, lands on this Mobile Retail Index with the high score of 84. Read the full report for more insights into Amazon’s score as well as more mobile-to-web comparisons.

Top mobile retail sites from ForeSee

Other highlights include:

  • App users were slightly more satisfied (80) than mobile web users (79). 68% used a retailer’s mobile website, while 32% used a retailer’s app.
  • The highest app usage among measured companies was for Netflix (59%), eBay (53%), Groupon (52%), and Walgreens (48%).
  • First-time users of a mobile site or app tend to be less satisfied with their mobile experiences as they learn new layouts, navigation, and functionality. First-time visitors score 77 compared to 80 for repeat visitors.
  • Customers already familiar with a brand are more satisfied than people who were driven to the company’s mobile site or app via search engines or shopping comparison sites.
  • The most popular tasks performed on mobile retail sites and apps were: looking up product details (28%), looking up price information (19%), and checking stock at a store (17%).
  • 76% of those surveyed used mobile phones, while 24% used tablets.
  • More…find out how consumers plan to use their mobile devices this holiday season.

Why satisfaction? Satisfaction is the most important customer metric companies can track and is the driver of all behaviors that retailers care most about: purchases, recommendations, and loyalty among others.

In this index we compared less satisfied visitors (with mobile satisfaction scores 69 or less) to highly satisfied website visitors (with satisfaction scores of 80 or higher). Based on the likelihood scores, compared to dissatisfied mobile users, satisfied mobile users say they are:

  • 69% more likely to make in-channel purchases.
  • 36% more likely to make other-channel purchases.
  • 72% more likely to give positive recommendations.
  • 58% more likely to use the mobile experience again in the future.

Satisfaction matters just as much, if not more, for mobile as it does in any other channel because it represents the future of customer interaction. Mobile devices empower consumers in ways that PCs cannot, because it puts the power of the Internet into their pocket or purse.  While traditional Internet access through PCs and laptops will likely never go away, consumers are increasingly going mobile first. This makes it an absolute necessity for companies to understand how their customers are using their mobile devices to connect with brands and companies, and to create optimized websites and apps for mobile devices. Failure to do so is a lost opportunity to secure customer loyalty, return visits, positive word of mouth recommendations, and revenue.

Download the free ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Retail Edition here.

Download ForeSee's Mobile Satisfaction Index

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