April 03, 2017 | Cecilia Wainio

Unlocking ForeSee Summit Roundtables: What you need to know


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ForeSee Summit Roundtables

If you’re attending the ForeSee Summit this week, it’s likely that at least some of your biggest aha moments will happen outside of conference sessions via insights and experiences shared through casual networking. The Wednesday Networking Roundtables are designed to help you do just that.

Organized by topics of interest, these roundtables require no registration. You can see full details for each roundtable, as well as personalize your event schedule, using the ForeSee Summit mobile app (iOS | Android). Below is a quick look at some of the topics featured…

New Users: You’ve Reached the Summit: Now What? — Your organization has made an investment in CX, both in CX measurement and sending you to ForeSee Summit. What are the next steps you can take to ensure success? What do long-time ForeSee clients wish they had known when starting out?

Align ForeSee Insights with Major Corporate Initiatives — Does your ForeSee analyst know in advance when you have a strategic business shift, a web redesign, store openings/closures, a new sale, or a national promotion? CX analytics can provide valuable insights.

Customer Service as a Centerpiece of CX — Customer experience and customer service are two separate but interrelated concepts. Topics include: understanding and diagnosing customer service issues locally, regionally; and more.

Socializing Data — Strategically socializing data across your organization drives better decision-making and resource allocation, helps you get buy-in on important projects, and demonstrates your value to the organization.

Retail: How to Leverage CX Insights Across the Customer Journey — VOC data is useful and actionable in every channel and at every touchpoint, but it can be challenging to understand and act on cross-channel customer journeys.

Retail: CX, KPI’s, and You — You’ll get the most support for customer experience programs when you can link your efforts to existing corporate KPI’s and company-wide inclusion of CX-based KPIs.

From Corporate Initiative to Imperative: Building a CX Organization — As a CX expert, how do you rally your organization around the customer? It won’t happen overnight, but can be achieved with a deliberate, incremental strategy.

Industry Focus: Federal Government — Government leaders are in an environment of intense budget cuts while trying to manage skyrocketing citizen expectations and demands for information availability, transparency, and functionality.

Industry Focus: Healthcare — Healthcare is a highly regulated industry that faces unique challenges when it comes to assessing and improving the customer experience. Session topics include maximizing the value of the digital channel and it’s ability to influence the whole customer journey.

Integration — Customer data can provide even richer insights when combined with other sources within your organization. What are the best practices for variables to pass and use for analysis across digital, retail, utilities, financial services, and others?

Make sure to download the ForeSee Summit mobile app (iOS | Android) to get all the details to these networking roundtables, customize your event schedule, and connect with other attendees, and more.

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Cecilia Wainio is Senior Manager of Customer Marketing at ForeSee, a Detroiter, and is engaged in the endless upkeep and re­modeling of a 1926 Tudor in the the city’s University District. She joined ForeSee in 2007, when she quickly made her mark by selecting and ordering the red ForeSee pen that is requested by clients, employees and trade show attendees nationwide. She has played a role in every ForeSee Summit to date and is looking forward to seeing you there (or wants to know why you haven’t registered yet).

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