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Using Voice of Customer Data to Optimize the Contact Center Experience


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Call-center improvements yield efficiencies and boost customer satisfaction

A customer’s contact center experience is a vital element in customer satisfaction scores. It’s also true that an optimal contact center experience has a positive impact on business outcomes. Union Bank and Trust, Ideal, and Stream Energy are just a few of the companies that have benefited from working with ForeSee to identify efficiencies, target training opportunities, and make better decisions that improve their KPIs.

Bank improves first-call resolution

The director of customer service at Union Bank and Trust leveraged ForeSee solutions to upgrade an expensive and time-consuming quality assurance program across three of its contact center locations. By ForeSee data to prioritize improvements to the contact center experience, Union Bank increased first-call resolution by 7% in only a few months and saves thousands every month.

Retailer uses customer feedback to improve CSAT

Before teaming up with ForeSee, managers at Ideal, one of the UK’s leading retailers, assessed agent performance without any customer input. Now, Ideal can tie its Voice of Customer strategy to drivers of satisfaction and sales. Agents are empowered with valuable data and leverage customer feedback to improve their delivery of upsell opportunities. Overall, CSAT scores have risen by 30 points and the average call time has decreased by three minutes.

Utility enhances the agent-customer connection

ForeSee data revealed an interesting finding to Stream Energy: Even if a call was resolved, satisfaction levels could be low if the agent and customer “didn’t connect.” To remedy this, Stream added empathy training to their agent education model. In less than a year, Stream experienced a 19% increase in satisfaction across three types of calls.

Contact centers are often the closest a customer gets to having a human interaction with your company, so it’s important that the experience be positive and successful. To learn more about how ForeSee is helping business improve contact center experiences, download this case study.

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