Verint Honored with Metrigy MetriStar Top Provider Award for Voice of the Customer Platforms 

Verint has earned the Metrigy MetriStar Top Provider Award for Voice of the Customer (VoC) platforms—one of only two providers to earn the top spot in the VoC platforms research and ranking. Metrigy is a research firm focusing on the rapidly changing areas of Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC)/digital workplace, and Customer Experience (CX)/contact center—along with several related technologies. 

The value of the MetriStar award is that it is based on customer ratings of providers and quantitative metrics correlating the use of a vendor’s products and services with measurable business success. Metrigy interviewed or surveyed 524 customer experience, IT, and business leaders from organizations headquartered in 10 countries from March through April of 2021. Researchers also analyzed data and qualitative commentary on adoption, drivers, technology partners, costs, and business success for a variety of areas. 

That means results were based on reviews of actual customers who are using the vendors’ products compared to other industry analyst reports whose rankings are often based on limited exposure to the solutions, interviews with a handful of references clients, or online reviews. With the Metrigy MetriStar Top Provider Award, our customers’ voices are at the cornerstone of this honor. 

Metrigy MetriStar Top Provider Award: What Does it Mean for Our Customers? 

The Metrigy MetriStar Top Provider Award recognizes technology providers whose customers achieved high business success and achieved above-average customer sentiment ratings. Top Business Success highlights providers with an above-average percentage of customers achieving business success, while Top Customer Sentiment highlights providers with above-average customer sentiment scores. 

Top Business Success 

Participants provided data on changes in business metrics resulting from the use of VoC applications. Those whose business metrics were greater than or equal to the mean in one or more categories received Top Business Success rating. Vendors needed to have over 61% of their customers reporting several business results to achieve Top Business Success. Overall, Verint achieved top results, with 72.7% of customers reporting business success—the highest of all vendors, according to the report. Here’s how Verint stood out: 

  • Verint’s customers have seen revenue increase by 40.5% 
  • Their customers’ ratings grew 118% 
  • Agents experienced increased efficiency of 61.2% 
  • Employee satisfaction jumped 52.1% 
  • Costs decreased 1% 

Top Customer Sentiment 

To measure customer sentiment, research participants rated providers on criteria including: 

  • programming configurability of the tool; 
  • response time to problems or questions;  
  • ease of programming; 
  • customization of the tool; 
  • integration with business apps; 
  • reporting, output capabilities; 
  • artificial intelligence capabilities; and 
  • cost of the tool. 

The overall average score for all providers was 3.28. Verint outperformed with a score of 3.33, with “reporting, output capabilities” and “ease of programming” as the top-performing areas. 

We Win When Our Customers Win 

Metrigy received input from 15 VoC providers for its research, so Verint’s achievement of the Metrigy MetriStar Top Provider Award reinforces our drive to put our customers’ organizations at the forefront of all that we do. 

Organizations often find themselves working in silos, so we provide our customers the tools they need to unify their customer experience management program. We understand that while surveys will always be important to the overall customer experience strategy, they aren’t enough to give organizations the deep insights they need to amplify the customer experience. Our solutions unify the customer experience by integrating tools beyond the survey, including speech and text analyticsinteraction analyticsdigital experience, and more. It’s not just about collecting the feedback; it’s about connecting the data across all channels and customer interactions. 

Good things happen when you unify work, data, and experiences. Verint Experience Management connects listening to actions and outcomes across the entire business so that you have the rich insights you need to work smarter and amplify the customer experience. Simply put, we win when you win. 

Download the Metrigy MetriStar report to learn more about how Verint Experience Management can lead to measurable wins within your organization’s customer experience program. 

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