March 09, 2017 | The XM Blog

Heading to Shoptalk? Visit ForeSee’s booth for exclusive CX insights


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So you’re heading to Shoptalk on behalf of your company hoping to return armed with fresh ideas to drive business results throughout 2017. Sound about right?

Make sure to stop by ForeSee Booth #1323 at this year’s Shoptalk event.

If so, you can’t afford to miss visiting the ForeSee team at Booth #1323. This year we’re offering Shoptalk attendees the opportunity to get an exclusive briefing about the top customer experience trends as featured in the latest ForeSee Experience Index (FXI). And, it’ll be the only place to learn about our forthcoming Digital Contribution Report, which provides insight into how digital experiences are influencing and contributing to success in other channels.

Some of the things you’ll learn from the briefing include:

  • Which retailers are winning on customer experience and which are falling behind across web, mobile, and stores
  • Top CX trends impacting the changing consumer landscape
  • Strategic and tactical next steps to help you drive business results
  • An exclusive first look at ForeSee’s Digital Contribution Report

Don’t miss your chance to get a leg up on CX, which 89% of business leaders say is the best competitive advantage over rivals, according to Gartner.

Heading to Shoptalk and interested in meeting with ForeSee? Schedule an exclusive briefing now. Can’t make the show? Request an alternate time for your personalized FXI briefing here.

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