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Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) is a global semiconductor company. It’s technology is found in a wide range of products from major manufacturers such as Microsoft, Boeing, UCR Products, and more. We recently sat down with AMD Corporate Marketing Vice President Ron Myers, whose department is responsible for digital marketing, public relations, and managing each stage of product launch marketing. We discussed how measuring and improving the customer experience (CX) provides benefits throughout the company.

Read the interview with Ron here or watch the video below.

Why is it so important for AMD to measure a customer experience?

AMD ForeSee VOC LeaderCustomer experience for AMD is an interesting challenge. We have so many different routes to market. We also have a wide variety of products. So not every single customer is the same. Also, our product is going into an embedded product: it might be an x-ray machine, a laptop computer, or the processor that’s on a graphics card.

When you have that many different routes to market and that many different products, you have to understand what your customers (both the people you sell to directly and your ultimate customer, the people that use your products) are thinking and feeling. Because we have an inordinate amount of influence with that ultimate customer, who is a customer of our customer. With that being the case, we have to be able to measure not only the way our customers are reacting but the way their customers are reacting. Having a strong measurement system, and being able to understand their motivations how we move the needle with those customers, is the name of the game.

How does AMD make sure it’s capturing, measuring and improving the entire customer experience, where other customers interact with your brand?

The complexity [of our variety of products and different routes to market] forces us to really think through the customer journey. We have to have measurements at those inflection points, when we have the greatest opportunity to influence the purchasing decision. When work with our partners to make sure the message comes through clearly so that we can drive preference.

So, measuring customer experience is absolutely vital for our success. And as we build a road map that is designed to meet specific customer needs, being able to measure a specific customer interaction and know at what point in the journey we need to invest our marketing funds and resources [is vital].

What are the biggest issues that your industry faces that CX Intelligence can help solve?

Probably the single biggest opportunity for the tech industry is to truly listen to the Voice of our Customers. I’ve been in the tech industry for almost 30 years and there was a time when we introduced technology saying things like “Well that’s just the way it works” and initially consumers accepted that. Now consumers are much more knowledgeable, and have a much louder voice. That voice of the customer is going to change the direction of our road map.

If you look at something like virtual reality, that’s a great example where the technology has gotten out of the way and the true innovation is now coming into play. What the technology industry has learned over time is that, when we really listen to what customers are telling us  they’re not just saying “faster, faster, faster,” they’re saying “better experience; something that allows technology to get out of the way of my innovation.” That is what the voice of the customer is driving, and you can see this shift in the tech industry — ranging from the way software is being deployed and developed, to the way hardware is being developed. That’s where the opportunity lies: the voice of the customer is driving innovation in a different path than we expected it to go 25 years ago.

What ForeSee products do you use and why?

VOC Leader Ron Myers AMD

AMD Corporate Marketing Vice President Ron Myers discusses the value of having a solid VOC strategy. See the interview via the YouTube video below.

We use ForeSee CX Suite. One of the reasons we went to CX Suite is that its comprehensive package really allowed us to get a complete handle on our customer experience. In terms of measurement, the thing that I like to say is: data is good, information is better, and intelligence is great. And that’s what CX Suite allows us to do: [gain CX intelligence].

What the CX Suite allows us to do is to take that data, turn it into something actionable, something that’s profitable and real. And, as we’re rolling these things up and down in the organization, it makes a big difference because we can really parcel it in such a way that it’s relevant to people’s jobs. It’s made a huge difference in our ability to get closer to our customers and understand the customer journey.

Can you talk about any specific results or outcomes that ForeSee has helped your organization with?

We just recently completed a project called “Project Reboot,” which was a complete redesign of out digital experience. Notice I didn’t just say our website, because this is our complete digital experience. Our relationship with ForeSee drove a lot of intelligence on things ranging from navigation to look and feel to the interaction to how we took customers on their digital journey. Without that information we very well may have just redesigned our site to be the same site.

Already we’re seeing results from that intelligence that we applied from ForeSee, and it’s made a huge difference. Normally when you redo a site you expect your customer satisfaction to drop in that first month because people don’t know where things are. Well, our customer satisfaction has not dropped, we’re getting more positive scores and more positive feedback on the marketing experience from a digital perspective, and that’s huge.

How do you prove the business impacts of your VOC program to your executives?

We use all the intelligence from the CX Suite to push the story up into our senior executives so they see the value of what we bring. Sometimes being able to communicate that within your organization, with that internal customer, is just as important as engaging with your external customers.

We know it’s important to speak in a language that the senior executives are going to understand. It has to be relevant and you have to ask yourself the question: “Does anyone really care about this information?” You can throw data out all day long but if it’s not relevant, and not spoken in the language of your company culture, then it’s not useful information.

ForeSee helps us parse that intelligence in ways that is relevant. We’re a very engineering, very design driven company, so we tend to look at things that way and I would have to say the CX Suite really feeds into that well. The information is very well received by our senior executives.

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