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VOC Leaders: How Travelzoo uses CX data to make smarter decisions (video)


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Travel customer experience

Lisa Oswald is a customer experience (CX) advocate and Senior Vice President of Customer Service for Travelzoo, a trusted online publisher of travel and entertainment deals that places a premium on its service industry roots. We sat down with Lisa to discuss how her organization is utilizing CX data and ForeSee Replay to keep everyone better informed about how to improve the business. [And, make sure to check out ForeSee’s interview with Lisa in the video embedded below.]

Why is it important for Travelzoo to measure customer experience?

It’s important because as product and price have become commoditized, the customer experience is really the last frontier to win loyalty. For a business like ours — after all, we are the deal experts — it was time we started listening to what our members want and need to make certain our products and services are relevant and meaningful.

Why did Travelzoo choose ForeSee?

When we were looking for a partner to help us with our Voice of the Customer (VOC) program, we looked at lots of different options. But the one thing most important to us was figuring out how to use the data in a way that was going to improve our business. The ForeSee proprietary platform and its unique methodology was by far the clear winner for decision-makers in our company. We wanted to be confident that our investment was going to pay off, not only for our members, but for the bottom line.

You wouldn’t run any other part of your business without reliable data to support your business decisions. Why is it important to measure customer experience with certainty?

Some in the service business, and other business leaders throughout our organization, think we know what’s best because of our long history with the company, and our passion and commitment for our products and services. But you need to step back and consider what the customer wants and needs to stay relevant for your audience.

Can you share a story about how ForeSee has helped your company?

Like many of your clients, we’re using ForeSee at a tactical level, where we’re finding problems on the site and fixing them. In fact, within the first 30 days, we discovered a problem with a widget on our homepage. ForeSee Replay helped verify the problem existed, and we estimated the fix could deliver a $250,000 savings for us. That was a great way to get the attention of the organization about the value of the feedback and, in particular, the value of the Replay tool.

Over the last year, we’ve been using all of our customer feedback to help us make strategic decisions about a major site redesign. Understanding what people were searching for on the site and what they weren’t able to find really helped us re-architect the way we categorize and tag content.

How have you socialized data and how is that important to your organization?

One important lesson we learned in the first year using the platform was never underestimate your colleagues’ appetite for customer data. We’re in the service business and the analytics business, so we intuitively understand that connection between customer feedback and outcomes. As part of this process, you need to be a teacher, evangelist, and advocate to bring everybody in the organization along that journey.

Heading into year two with ForeSee, we’re much better equipped to make those connections for our colleagues — and ultimately deliver better results for members.

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