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VOC Leaders: How MD Financial Management benefits from looking critically at CX data (video)


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Financial Services CX

Mike Starr is Digital Product Manager at MD Financial Management, who is responsible for gathering feedback and managing a product roadmap for his organization. Mike sat down with us to discuss how ForeSee and our analysts are helping his company understand their Voice of Customer (VOC). [And, make sure to check out ForeSee’s interview with Mike in the video embedded below.]

Why is it important for MD Financial Management to measure customer experience?

If clients have a bad experience with MD online, it sometimes reflects on them wanting to take their money other places.

Why did you choose ForeSee to help measure customer experience?

There are many reasons. I like the methodology and the impact calculations on client satisfaction. We recently started using ForeSee Replay, which I love. It adds that piece of the puzzle that we were missing before.

You wouldn’t run any other part of your business, such as finance or supply chain or sales, without reliable data to support those business decisions. Why is it important for MD to measure customer experience with certainty?

It’s really useful for helping inform product roadmap and lifecycle changes. It helps you prioritize. I know what the biggest bang for the buck I’m going to get will be, and what change I’ll be doing next.

Can you share a story about how ForeSee or customer experience measurement has helped your company?

We went through a redesign of our site, and they did warn that we were going to see a drop in satisfaction. Sure enough, that drop happened and I was on the ledge ready to jump — thinking “oh jeez, maybe the changes made didn’t do well,” — and [I considered] knee-jerk reactions based on that feedback. But the analysts were very helpful in making sure we waited it out.

Within a month, we were actually at our highest satisfaction scores ever. It helped solidify that the changes we did were the right direction to go and we’ve used that now to keep building up our satisfaction.

Is there a specific scenario that you can think of where ForeSee really helped you personally within your role?

One thing that’s really helped is the support from the ForeSee analysts. I’m always talking with them. We’re always working together. We have monthly meetings. I find it’s great because it helps me keep on track too, to always make client satisfaction my number one priority.

Since our chat with Mike, MD Financial Management has expanded its VOC program to include measuring its contact center and advisor/client meeting experiences. For more CX best practices and ForeSee client success stories across all industries, check out our VOC Leaders blog series and our collection of ForeSee Case Studies today.

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