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VOC Leaders: TransPennine explains why it pays to measure customer satisfaction (video) 


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VOC Leader TransPennine

TransPennine Express is a train operating and transportation company with services between the major cities north of England and Scotland. We recently sat down with TransPennine Innovation Manager Colin Kelly to discuss how his organization is leveraging a robust Voice of Customer (VOC) program to improve customer satisfaction.

For more about how TransPennine is a best-in-class VOC Leader, watch our interview with Colin via the video below. 

What are your business goals and what are you measured on?  

We’ve got multiple business goals. One of the obvious goals is around profit and the best way [to] profit is by giving customers a really great experience. The other thing [we do at] TransPennine is invest back into the communities that we serve. We’re also trying to be more inclusive, to do more things for customers with disability, or have issues with accessibility.

Why is it important for TransPennine Express to measure customer experience?  

First, it’s a benchmark against how you’ve done previously. Also, it [lets you compare] against how your peers have done to give you an idea of how you’re performing. And then, of course, to improve how you’re doing. Because the only way to compete in today’s world is to provide good experience.

How do you make sure to capture, measure, and improve the entire customer experience wherever customers interact with your brand? 

I think we need to improve how we measure customer experience end-to-end, and at the moment we’re not very good at connecting the dots. However, we are good at measuring digital, measuring our call center, and we’re good at doing national surveys. But those [specific touchpoints] don’t really “talk” to each other, and that’s something we hope and need to do better and can [with the help of ForeSee].

What are the biggest issues the transportation industry or sector faces that CX Intelligence can help solve? 

The huge challenge for the rail industry is customers choosing to go by car instead. Customers have discretionary spend, in terms of what they’ve got in their wallets and purses. The biggest issue that TransPennine has is growing our digital sales, and it’s a huge part of our strategy over the next few years. The way we improve our digital sales is improving the customer experience. How do we know how we’re doing? We need to benchmark it. We need to score it. How do we know what things we should be spending our money on and investing in? It’s from what the customers are telling us as part of their opening questions.

What ForeSee products do you use and why? 

We use ForeSee web measurement and Replay. Web measurement helps us benchmark ourselves against our sister company (who also uses ForeSee) to help us compete against each other — and help motivate each other to continue to do better.

Replay is invaluable in helping articulate problems and issues our customers have had. And it’s been a great help when sharing [those insights] with third parties so they better understand what needs to be fixed.

Can you talk about any specific results or outcomes that ForeSee helped you or your organization with?  

We’ve had a huge result with ForeSee in helping us solve issues with payments. We couldn’t correctly identify that there was a problem. But using ForeSee Replay (in conbination with our measurements) [we were finally hearing from the] customers who were saying they had technical issues, which proved absolutely pivotal in identifying and fixing them. The benefits alone from that were far more than we’ve paid to use ForeSee.

How do you prove the business impacts of your VOC program to your executives?  

Executives like to see hard cash, hard benefits as a measure. Fortunately, we’ve had a real result with ForeSee in helping us solve that issue with payments — and we’ve been able to measure the benefits since. It’s totally convinced everyone that it works.

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