October 02, 2018 | Bruce Shields

Want to be a CX Leader? Get there Faster—and Smarter—with Gap Analysis


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An Indeed.com search for the term “customer experience director” returns 131,000 results. That’s a lot of organizations grappling with how to understand, improve, and maintain experiences for customers. It’s become a business imperative, on par with and often tied to digital transformation initiatives.

But where do you start? “Let’s understand the customer” is the most common answer—and it’s a great frame of mind for making good CX decisions. But it’s only a part of the total picture. To meet customer needs and achieve business outcomes, CX needs to be more than a website UX overhaul or training store staff in customer service.

How do companies become CX-centric organizations?

We’ve spent almost two decades helping clients measure and improve the customer experience and have identified some common traits of the best performing CX programs. They may not be what you expect.

It turns out there are just nine things that matter in CX, and the good news is that most of them are about your organization, not the whims of customers. One of the most important—and one that helps create success down the road—is having detailed customer personas. With those in place, your employees can begin to understand their traits and needs, and then actively work to make sure pain points are eliminated.

While most of the pillars of CX are things that are in your control, that doesn’t mean they are easy. ForeSee has developed a CX Gap Assessment workshop that:

  • Shows you where you fall on each of the nine pillars
  • Helps you to prioritize for the best outcomes
  • Empowers your entire organization to focus on the customer, from the CEO to the sales team, and from order fulfillment to service providers

What can a Gap Analysis workshop do for your business?

To do CX well, you have to work toward transforming organizational culture. Each functional group needs customized data about the part of the customer journey they touch, and each needs KPIs to guide them. Most importantly, every one of your employees needs to know how their actions can impact the customer.

Sure, CX is complex. But with ForeSee, you can harness nearly two decades of expertise to turn your customer experience into a competitive weapon. Our workshop lays the foundation for a CX culture. We take the time to really get to know your business and help senior leadership focus on what will move your organization to the next level of CX.

Contact us today to schedule a Gap Analysis workshop.

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ForeSee Blogger Bruce Shields

Bruce Shields is a Usability Manager at ForeSee. He holds a master’s degree in Human Computer Interaction from the University of Michigan, and has led an internal research task force focusing on responsive design. Prior to joining Foresee, Bruce was a career journalist and helped lead web and multimedia efforts for several publications.

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