June 07, 2013 | Randy Kish

What the ForeSee Summit had “In Store” for Attendees


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With so much focus on the web and especially, as of late, mobile touch points, little attention is drawn to the store front. However, Stores remain a crucial part of the customer experience. And at this year’s ForeSee User Summit the Store Measurement Breakout session turned out to be standing-room-only.  The session featured two speakers who shared success stories of how they used customer experience analytics to provide both strategic and operational decision support in their store operations.

I’ve decided to blind the case studies to protect the anonymity of our clients and their business objectives and strategies.

Case Study 1

In the first segment, specialty retailer, Client A, shared how company leaders had embraced customer feedback in their company culture for 10 years. They started with postcard feedback that evolved into an online survey.   Although they were collecting data and scores, they had no insight as to how to drive improvements.  To remedy the situation, the organization’s leaders selected ForeSee’s predictive analytics as their go-to customer experience measurement tool, going live with their store measurement in October, 2012.  Team leaders executed a well-orchestrated transition plan that first introduced their executives to ForeSee’s scores and analysis and soon after phased it into the stores operation.

Their initial Satisfaction Insight Review (SIR) revealed that customers who were assisted by a store representative had significantly higher satisfaction scores. In particular, those customers had higher satisfaction scores with price than anticipated, which supported a major strategic decision to eliminate their price-matching policy.

A deeper dive into the data demonstrated that there were aspects of employee training and customer awareness that could help transition customers to the new pricing policy.  So Client A tweaked their customer communications and training whereby the change was implemented without an impact on overall customer satisfaction.

A few other takeaways included:

  • Use your Analyst; use your Analyst; use your Analyst – they may not know everything (who really does) all of the time, but they do know best a majority of the time
  • Change your custom questions to gain continuous insight
  • Share data in internal communications to highlight key takeaways

ForeSee Satisfatction Analytics for Store Measurement

Case Study 2

Client B, a multi-channel retailer, equated the first time they turned on ForeSee analytics to “opening the floodgates of consumer data.” That may sound overwhelming, but having a good process in place to execute on the insights and openly communicating the results was key to a successful implementation.

Part of that good process is having a good analyst at the helm to steer them through the data deluge. Like most of our clients, they highly value the relationship with their Satisfaction Research Analyst (SRA). SRAs are in a unique position in which they provide a clear voice that is emotionally separate and unbiased from business leaders and established objectives, and provide a neutral platform for discussion that is both independent and scientific.  In their SIRs, Client B’s analyst spends a lot of time helping them understand where exactly they can get the most money for their investment.

Some recent key wins included operational level changes to visual merchandising, retraining store employees on suggestive selling of similar style items, and standard operating procedures to fulfill desired out-of-stock items.  Each of these resulted in improvements in overall satisfaction and future behavior likelihoods such as return, purchase next time, and recommend to a family member, friend, or colleague.

Other key takeaways from this client included:

  • Review actions taken from the previous recommendations to see the wins
  • Have a well-defined process to create action items, commit to it, and execute the plan
  • Measure the results, see the impact.  (i.e. tie to transactional data)

All in all, this breakout session was one of the Summit highlights, and we’ll look forward to similar stories from even more clients next year.

Key takeaway:

Don’t miss the 2014 ForeSee Summit!

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Randy Kish is a Customer Experience Specialist and Retail Innovation Advocate at ForeSee. He joined the company in 2011, bringing over 20 years of retail experience that started on the selling floor at Nordstrom. Randy crossed over to the software side of the retail industry in 1993 with a primary focus on store operations and retail analytics. A native San Diegan, Randy earned his BA in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles and MBA in Finance from San Diego State University.

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