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What’s driving Success in Apparel? Find out in ForeSee’s FXI Retail Special Report


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Retail Apparel Shopping

Online sales of retail apparel and accessories is seeing huge growth, both here in the U.S. and across the globe. Just last week we highlighted some of those trends in a study from Internet Retailer, but that’s only giving you a partial view of the sector.

At ForeSee, we’re firm believers that the best way to unlock the drivers of success across any category is to measure the customer experience in a way that gauges the satisfaction of those same customers. That’s why we’re glad to announce today the release of a special retail report focused primarily on the apparel category.

Download our new FXI Apparel special report to find out what's driving success across Apparel & Accessories retail businesses.

Download our new FXI Apparel special report to find out what’s driving success across Apparel & Accessories retail businesses.

In this report, a subset of the ForeSee Experience Index (FXI), we compared less-satisfied users of apparel and accessories websites (with CX scores of 69 or less) with highly satisfied users (CX scores of 80 and higher). This approach quantifies the value of a good customer experience. When less satisfied site visitors are compared to those that were highly satisfied, we saw a variety of valuable insights, including increases to brand loyalty, purchase intent, repeat business, and more.

But to gauge the overall satisfaction of a customer’s retail apparel experience we specifically measured four elements:

  • Merchandise: the appeal, variety, and availability of products on the website
  • Navigation: ease of navigation, consistency of layout
  • Price: price competitiveness, product value, and product quality for the price
  • Product Descriptions: clarity of descriptions, quality of images, etc.

Results of measuring these elements are what collectively tell us how customers feel (aka satisfaction) about each area as well as how each element influences customers’ overall experience with the website. The basic idea is that improving the highest-impact elements will lead to an increase in the FXI satisfaction score, which has a direct correlation to positive sales for the business.

Find out more about what the driving forces are behind successful apparel retailers by downloading the full FXI Apparel Retail report now.

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