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When Just Having a Mobile Presence Isn’t Enough


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We’ve been saying for years now that the mobile age is upon us. And with mobile usage evolving at such a fierce pace – mobile-connected devices set to outnumber people on Earth by the end of 2013 – I’d say there’s no denying it, leaving organizations really no choice but to try and appeal to smartphone and tablet users by offering dedicated mobile sites and apps.

Whether companies are just dipping their big toe into the vast mobile waters or diving in head first, either way it’s a good thing. Because if they aren’t doing it now (even a little bit) they face the risk of falling to the wayside as their competitors (who are delivering mobile experiences) pass them by.

But just having a mobile presence isn’t enough. Company leaders have a responsibility to their customers and prospective customers to ensure their experiences with the company are good ones, and companies themselves will reap the rewards of providing a good customer experience with increased sales, loyalty, and recommendations. This especially true in mobile where expectations are going to be high from the start thanks to mobile leaders such as Amazon and Apple who are setting the bar high.

So, how do you or will you know if you are doing a good job? How do you know if your customers are satisfied with your mobile experience? Better yet, how do you know what improvements to make if they are not? Where are they getting tripped up? What is working and, more importantly, what is not working for them in the mobile experiences you are providing?

There’s no Pause/Stop button to allow you to catch up in the mobile game and there’s no FastForward button to allow you to skip through the hard parts. But there is a Replay option.  To help company leaders answer those burgeoning questions above we released cxReplay for Mobile today to help company leaders see a quick and accurate picture of how individual consumers engage on their mobile sites and apps. Wait, Rewind that…

Yes, cxReplay for Mobile is now available.

As a powerful complement to ForeSee Satisfaction Analytics for Mobile, cxReplay for Mobile provides real-world video replays to help companies rapidly identify struggles, and expedite and validate improvements.

With this first-of-its-kind technology, business leaders are able to:

  • Relive their mobile visitors’ experiences. Organizations can evolve their mobile strategies – seeing where visitors are struggling based on video replays of real user experiences. cxReplay for Mobile displays visitors’ touches and taps, pinch and zooming motions, swipes, scrolling and even device orientation.
  • Quickly identify relevant replays. There’s no need to sift through hundreds of replays to identify trends and issues. Using the satisfaction scores, visitor roles and comments already captured by ForeSee, companies can zero in on the specific session they’d like to view. In addition, the page filter functionality makes it easy to find replays that focus on a particular path or page.
  • Analyze touch and scroll patterns. Using heatmaps, organizations can see if individual struggles are representative of broader issues, helping to quickly identify and efficiently resolve roadblocks.
  • Share insight across their organization.  Teams can annotate replays with comments – providing a play-by-play that helps quickly build consensus around improvements. Replay sessions can then be distributed easily and securely as links via email, so stakeholders throughout an organization can see issues and agree on necessary actions. Recipients view the replays as videos within their Web browsers. 

ForeSee SessionReplay for MobilecxReplay for Mobile, when used in concert with ForeSee Satisfaction Analytics for Mobile, provides an end-to-end solution for quickly and scientifically analyzing customers’ wants, needs, expectations and actual experiences.

So, regardless if you are a mobile veteran or a rookie looking to make a splash, the mobile revolution is here. Are you ready for it?

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As a pioneer in customer experience analytics, Verint delivers superior technology and proven methodology to connect the customer experience to the bottom line. The result is better business for companies and a better experience for consumers.

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