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Why Satisfaction Matters for Media and Entertainment Mobile Sites


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Satisfaction matters because it determines what consumers will do next. Satisfied customers are more likely to engage with the brand in any channel, more likely to engage with advertisers, more likely to recommend companies to family members, friends, and colleagues, and have greater loyalty–all key factors in growing a business.

For the ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Media and Entertainment Edition (2013) report we put ForeSee’s predictive customer experience analytics to work and compared less satisfied visitors (with mobile satisfaction scores of 69 or less) to highly satisfied visitors (with satisfaction scores of 80 or higher) to see how much more likely satisfied customers are to engage in crucial future behaviors such as loyalty, recommending the mobile site or app, and using the mobile channel as a primary resource.

Based on these likelihood scores, satisfied users of mobile news, sports, and streaming content sites and apps report being 74% more likely than dissatisfied users to prefer the overall brand, 80% more likely to use the mobile channel as a primary resource, 72% more likely to give positive recommendations, and 58% more likely to use the mobile channel again.

These calculations show that satisfaction should be a key performance indicator for any media and entertainment company making an investment in mobile. Alternative methods currently used to track mobile success lack any predictive or actionable qualities. App store ratings do not reveal much information. Furthermore, that feedback is more useful for customers than it is for companies, and it provides no direction or insight as to how a company might improve the customer experience. The feedback provided by tracking how many stars an app receives in an app store is questionable at best—usually only the most satisfied and the least satisfied users provide feedback, leaving the silent majority unrepresented. The following chart demonstrates how misleading star ratings and download counts can be when it comes to understanding the mobile customer experience:

Why Satisfaction Matters in Mobile | App store ratings vs. satisfaction scores

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ForeSee knows that customer satisfaction is more valid than Google or Apple ratings because the methodology we use to measure satisfaction in these studies as well as for our clients has 20 years of academic research behind it, linking it to critical future behaviors and financial success. Moreover, the way ForeSee measures and calculates satisfaction provides important insights into how to improve the mobile experience that simple ratings do not.

Download the full and free ForeSee Mobile Satisfaction Index: Media and Entertainment Edition (2013) report at

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