December 14, 2016 | The XM Blog

Why the new ForeSee Experience Index is the most valuable retail CX research of 2016 (report)


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We are thrilled to announce the release of the 2016 ForeSee Experience Index today. For 12 consecutive years now, ForeSee has applied its CX measurement model to report on holiday shopper experiences with top retailers’ three most important channels: store, web, and mobile.

The highly anticipated 2016 FXI – Retail Edition report is now available. Download your copy today.

This year’s study identifies several significant trends for retail executives to consider. The findings are critical for executives, analysts, and investors in all industries because we know that customer experience is a proven predictor of future financial performance.

For over a decade now, ForeSee has assembled this annual report to shed light on which retail companies have the best customer experience, which are meeting customer expectations, and which are falling short. We surveyed over 40,000 holiday shoppers to measure their online, mobile, and in-store experiences with the top 100 U.S. brands. A similar report measuring the top 25 retailers in the U.K. will be released next Tuesday.

Other retail metrics, such as store traffic, web traffic, and sales are backward-looking. They tell you how you did, but don’t provide insight into the future, or provide actionable data as to what impact changes in the experience might have on future business. CX measurement, using ForeSee’s methodology helps us understand how well retailers are meeting customer expectations today, and, utilizing predictive analytics, to identify which elements of the experience need improvement in order to drive business results.

The 2016 FXI also includes many other valuable CX insights that help paint a clear picture of consumer behaviors. For instance, among FXI desktop (aka web) consumers, 43% of males believe the U.S. economy will be better a year from now, and 48% plan to spend $600 or more on holiday shopping (compared to just 30% and 35% of women, respectively).

There’s also useful information about consumer experience by channel (mobile, web, and in-store), product and purchase behavior, and demographic behavior. For example, do you know the average percentage of consumers that use a mobile device inside a physical store when making a purchase decision? It’s in the report!

Download a copy of the 2016 FXI – Retail Edition today.

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