Why winning on customer experience is the best strategy for retail banks (report)

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The retail banking industry is racked with challenges as consumers become more digitally demanding and less loyal. There’s also an influx in competition from financial-tech services, which has further disrupted the industry and pushed retail banks to maximize selling cross-channel services.

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Put simply, the pressure is on for retail banks to radically simplify and rapidly embrace change. One of the best strategies for banks to do so effectively is a commitment to measuring Customer Experience (CX). CX is the new competitive battleground for banks to retain and grow their customer base, acquire new customers, increase lifetime value, and win in a new era of the omnichannel customer.

We’re pleased to share the latest e-book in our ForeSee Stairway series, Five Steps to Win on Customer Experience for Retail Banks. Inside the e-book, you’ll learn:

  • The challenges that retail banks face as they try to exceed the expectations of empowered, informed customers
  • The role of CX in creating lifetime customer value, profitability, and differentiation
  • A disciplined, strategic five-step approach to getting CX right, based on interviews with leading retail banks
  • How to move from retaining customers to creating true customer loyalty, and thereby improving acquisition and share of wallet

To find out more about why and how retail banks can make CX their competitive advantage and provide valuable insights to reach their goals, download the new Retail Banking e-book now. Also, make sure to check out more financial services industry thought leadership on the ForeSee blog.

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