September 29, 2015

ForeSee Dramatically Expands Its VOC Platform with Feedback and Sentiment Analytics


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ForeSee Feedback Brings Agility and Unparalleled Visibility to Marketers While Sentiment Analytics Quickly Fuels Decisions Behind Unstructured Commentary

ANN ARBOR, MI (September 29, 2015) – ForeSee, the leading provider of cloud-based voice of customer (VOC) solutions, today announced two new products for the ForeSee VOC Platform. ForeSee Feedback and Sentiment Analytics offers marketing and analytical leaders more autonomy and control in gathering and understanding their VOC data, accelerating increased insight into the customer experience.

ForeSee Feedback

ForeSee Feedback gives marketers an unprecedented degree of control over staying abreast of issues that customers have on web and mobile sites. Feedback brings real-time insights stemming from customer reactions after experiencing a brand’s web, mobile or tablet site.

“By having ForeSee Feedback live on the site, we were able to catch site glitches and UX issues that weren’t identified during testing through real-time customer feedback,” said Erica Gallagher, Digital Analytics Specialist for the fitness equipment provider Life Fitness. “We count on ForeSee for measurement solutions and now we can further rely on them to help us ensure we continually present rewarding and satisfying online customer experiences.”

Ground-breaking features defining ForeSee Feedback include:

  • In-Page Reporting: While browsing their own websites, executives can literally see the feedback for that page, section or site in the rich context of the site itself. This patent-pending, innovative feature delivers instant access to real-time insights and eliminates portal access while creating a beautifully frictionless experience for users.
  • Full Control: Marketers now have a self-serve solution and are able to create, manage, and publish their own surveys in real time without having to coordinate with a third party or their IT departments. This improves the agility and speed of acquiring critical intelligence, as well as the resolution of adverse issues taking place inside digital channels.
  • Multiple Feedback Surveys: Marketers can now have multiple feedback surveys operating simultaneously, allowing for different departments to harmoniously gather relevant data across multiple pages under a single domain.

ForeSee Sentiment Analytics

ForeSee Sentiment Analytics amplifies consumer opinions by vividly surfacing insights from open-ended comments gathered in ForeSee surveys. This natively integrated capability allows brands to deeply understand and act upon the intensity of the customer experience in the context of a predictive and prioritized framework. ForeSee Sentiment Analytics provides these critical capabilities:

  • Native Integration: Users have instant access to Sentiment Analytics within their ForeSee portal, providing immediate views of aggregate and respondent-level insights that drive more depth behind key satisfaction drivers impacting customer experiences.
  • Keyword and Topic Extraction: Based on world-class natural language processing technologies, keywords and related topics are revealed to users, thereby eliminating the guesswork to understand relevant customer themes requiring attention.
  • Sentiment in Satisfaction Context: Sentiment Analytics reveals satisfaction data in the reporting which benefits users by giving context to important topics and keywords when presented alongside predictive satisfaction scores.

“Our clients have demanded that we bring our world-class discipline to the feedback and sentiment analytics spaces. We truly look forward to turning both spaces into business disciplines. World-class organizations deserve world-class analytics,” said Jim Yang, Senior Vice President of Products, Marketing & Services. “Feedback and Sentiment Analytics leverage our existing customer experience analytics infrastructure to give our clients new innovative capabilities in harnessing the voice of their customers. We’re thrilled that we’re able to continue to expand our platform as the VOC needs of our clients continue to expand.”

About ForeSee

ForeSee is the pioneer and leader in Voice of Customer (VOC) solutions. We focus our rigorous analytics expertise on helping our clients engage with customers at every interaction point, drive investment decisions using predictive customer insights and deliver content that powers the customer experience. Our innovative SaaS solutions from our ForeSee, Webcollage and ResellerRatings product families are used by over 650 customers in a wide range of industries such as retail, financial services, healthcare, consumer packaged goods and government.

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