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How ForeSee’s Feedback Tool Gives Argos Advantages Across The Business

Competitive Advantage

Argos is no slouch when it comes to digital retail, with over 900 million annual website visits and an enviable reputation that makes it among the top retailers in the U.K. But to maintain this level of success requires the ability to constantly monitor and review the customer experience, which is easier said than done.

Find out how Argos is using ForeSee Feedback to gain a competitive advantage throughout the business.

Find out how Argos is using ForeSee Feedback to gain a competitive advantage throughout the business.

The company turned to ForeSee’s Feedback tool, a self-service application that allows companies like Argos to easily create and deploy short surveys so that customers can provide comments and personal insights about their online and mobile experiences. The opt-in comments from customers that Feedback provides lets the retailer quickly identify, prioritize, and fix issues that otherwise might have taken months to address.

When combining this real-time feedback with the powerful predictive insights from ForeSee’s Customer Experience analytics, Argos says it is able to gain a competitive advantage that translates throughout the organization.

“We look at Feedback daily and share it with our product team; it’s become a critical part of our corporate DNA in a very short time because it’s so useful,” said Argos Head of Digital Operations and Analytics Jim Bassett.

To find out more about how ForeSee Feedback can help your business improve its customer experience, download the latest Argos case study today.

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