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In Wireless Provider Customer Satisfaction, T-Mobile Leads The Pack


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Contrary to the assumption that everyone is unhappy with their wireless provider, a new report shows that overall customer satisfaction is fairly high — with ForeSee client T-Mobile leading the charge.

The report comes from American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), an organization that measures the satisfaction of consumers across several different sectors of the U.S. economy using a 100-point score. As is the case with ForeSee’s Customer Satisfaction scores, an increase of even 1 point can translate to revenue growth.

Of the four major wireless providers, T-Mobile received a score of 74, a 6 percent increase compared to last year’s ACSI score. And as Engadget notes, wireless providers in general did fairly well in this year’s ACSI report, scoring an average of 70.1.

The way companies measure their customer experience, and how they respond, can have a direct impact on increases in their customers’ satisfaction, which is fairly evident when reviewing T-Mobile’s favorable performance.

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