Our research examines the business impact of customer experience across a variety of channels and industries. From industry benchmarks to customer experience best practices, we help you understand who’s doing it right and how you compare.

Verint Experience Index: Retail 2020

See how 25 brands rank on CSAT/NPS, why Costco tops Amazon, and get CX best practices on journeys, fulfillment, and turning 2020 challenges into 2021 opportunities.

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Verint Experience Index: E-Gov H1 2020

See which sites and apps deliver great citizen experiences, CSAT rankings for 100 agencies, and how COVID-19 impacts the public sector.  

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Verint Experience Index: Electric Utilities

See how electric utilities rank on satisfaction, why great experiences boost retention and ROI, and how providers are overcoming COVID-19 challenges. 

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Verint Experience Index: Banking

Banking CX is in flux. See how Chase, Ally, and other banks rank on satisfaction, and leverage new insights to adapt short- and long-term strategies.

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Verint Experience Index: Retail

See how brands like Amazon, Target, and Walgreens rank on customer experience, plus get insights into digital satisfaction, NPS, and omnichannel drivers. 

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Verint Experience Index: E-Gov H2 2019

See the federal site rankings. Also, learn more about how Verint’s CX Value Chain can help agencies move from improvements to transformation.

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