ForeSee Research

Our research examines the business impact of customer experience across a variety of channels and industries. From industry benchmarks to customer experience best practices, we help you understand who’s doing it right and how you compare.

Digital Experience Index, Insurance and Popular Sites

Exceptional digital CX attracts and keeps customers. See how 25 popular sites like Amazon and Netflix and 20 insurance sites like Geico and Humana rank on satisfaction and NPS®.

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Digital Experience Index, Popular and Banking Sites—Q1 2019

Every business competes on digital experience. See how 25 popular sites and 25 top banking brands rank on satisfaction and NPS® according to customers themselves.

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ForeSee Experience Index: E-Gov (July –December 2018)

From filing patents to researching health concerns, expectations are rising for the federal digital experience. See how citizens rank 100 federal digital and mobile experiences in our latest report.

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Digital Experience Index and NPS Rankings—Q4 2018

Expectations are high for digital experience. See how consumers rank the 50 most popular sites in the U.S., including Netflix, PayPal, Instagram, and Walmart.

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The Digital Journey: New Rules for Retail

Digital customer experience is changing the retail journey. See what customers want, why personalization is so important, and how a good digital experience pays off for retailers.

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The ForeSee Digital Experience Index (DXI) and NPS Rankings, Q3 2018

It’s a digital world—see which brands deliver the best experiences to customers. The ForeSee DXI ranks 50 leading sites based on input from 12,500 consumers and provides insight into what it takes to delight in digital.

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