ForeSee Research

Our research examines the business impact of customer experience across a variety of channels and industries. From industry benchmarks to customer experience best practices, we help you understand who’s doing it right and how you compare.

The ForeSee Experience Index: E-Government (January – June 2018)

See what the rankings say about the state of digital in the federal government. Also, learn more about how ForeSee can help agencies meet new guidance from Office of Management and Budget (OMB) on customer feedback requirements.

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The ForeSee Experience Index: Retail NPS® & Satisfaction Report, Q2 2018

Analyzing data from 40,000 shopper surveys, our quarterly report ranks 100 U.S., U.K., and Canadian retail brands on both NPS and customer satisfaction and shows how customer-journey behaviors are impacting the industry.

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The Total Economic Impact of ForeSee CX Suite

Forrester interviewed ForeSee customers to validate the financial benefits of measuring and improving customer experience with our solutions. Read the report to see how CX Suite enables $7.8 million in economic benefits and full ROI in less than three months.

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The ForeSee Experience Index (FXI): Government CX Insights

Government agencies are at a turning point. Citizens are bringing private-sector standards to their public-sector interactions, expecting digital tools, convenience, and simple ways to get information. Find out how federal agencies — from Homeland Security to the Social Security Administration — rank on customer experience.

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Optimizing the Banking Customer Journey

Only 50% of those who start in a digital channel (web or mobile) succeed on the first try. See how optimizing the banking customer journey leads to big potential savings for national banks, regional banks, and credit unions.

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The ForeSee American Employee Study

Read our report to learn about employee attitudes and behaviors. Our proven and patented cause-and-effect methodology is used to find the answers to the questions behind employee satisfaction.

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