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Getting NPS Right: Industry Rankings & Insight

With so much riding on NPS®, access to real customer data and expert analysis is vital. In this webinar, we'll add insight into what customers want from retailers, and data on how NPS differs across geographies, industry, and other segments.

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How to Fine-Tune CX for Call Center Success

Contact center leaders trust ForeSee to help them improve efficiencies, identify coaching opportunities, and make better decisions to improve the KPIs they care about most. Hear from Erica Komorosky, Customer Communications Center Manager at UGI Utilities, as she shares real-life examples of how she uses CX data to fine-tune their contact center management.

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Electrifying CX: How Utility Providers Can Meet New Consumer Needs While Saving Millions

Keeping the lights on isn’t enough anymore—today’s consumers demand more from their utility providers. Analyzing data from thousands of customers, the Utilities CX Insights report shows how 25 of the biggest providers in the U.S. rank on customer experience.

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How USA Staffing (OPM) and Other Agencies Drive Results with CX

Citizens who have a great customer experience (cx) are more likely to trust in the government. But high satisfaction isn’t just good for the people you serve—it’s good for your organization’s bottom line. Join us on Wednesday, March 7 at 2pm EST for a live webinar focused on helping organizations curb spending by investing in CX.

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Get it Right: Compete and Win on Customer Experience (UK)

We surveyed 40,000 shoppers to uncover how their experiences are shaping buying habits. Now, we'll dig in to the data to reveal how well UK shoppers think the world's biggest retailers are meeting their specific needs. In this live, 30-minute webinar, we'll discuss regional findings from our Retail CX Rankings and Retail CX Insights reports.

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Get it Right: Compete and Win on Customer Experience (CX)

Join us for this live webinar where we’ll reveal the top 50 global retailers as measured on CX, NPS, and brand reputation. Through analysis of our data, gathered from 40,000 shoppers for our annual ForeSee Experience Index, you’ll come away with data-driven insights for getting CX right—for customers and the business—and be better prepared to advocate for CX in your organization.

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How Citizens Energy Group Drives Trust, Satisfaction, and Efficiency with CX Measurement

How does Citizens Energy Group, an Indianapolis-based utility provider and public charitable trust, keep its customers satisfied while driving efficiencies and reducing regulatory risk? With a disciplined approach to CX measurement and improvement, Citizens is making win-win decisions for its customers, and the business.

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Customer Experience You Can Bank On (An American Banker Webinar)

Could you imagine a fifth of your customers walking out the door tomorrow? New research from ForeSee reveals that 21% would switch banks if the process was easier. What’s more, a quarter of consumers say the only reason they were loyal to their bank was because of the difficulties in switching. In this American Banker-hosted webinar, gain insights on factors that influence the banking customer experience and how to leverage them – plus discover the CX scores of three top banks.

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How Auto Trader Use ForeSee Data to Prioritise the Consumer Experience

When you put the customer first, it pays off in spades — plus increased NPS and CX scores.

Discover how Auto Trader, the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace, successfully paired ForeSee CX insights with internal data to win executive buy-in to improve the web experience. After implementing these critical digital improvements, Auto Trader saw a five-point increase in CX scores, a 42% boost in NPS, as well as an increase in both vehicle advertising views and time spent on site.

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