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Get it Right: Compete and Win on Customer Experience (CX)

Join us for this live webinar where we’ll reveal the top 50 global retailers as measured on CX, NPS, and brand reputation. Through analysis of our data, gathered from 40,000 shoppers for our annual ForeSee Experience Index, you’ll come away with data-driven insights for getting CX right—for customers and the business—and be better prepared to advocate for CX in your organization.

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How Citizens Energy Group Drives Trust, Satisfaction, and Efficiency with CX Measurement

How does Citizens Energy Group, an Indianapolis-based utility provider and public charitable trust, keep its customers satisfied while driving efficiencies and reducing regulatory risk? With a disciplined approach to CX measurement and improvement, Citizens is making win-win decisions for its customers, and the business.

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Customer Experience You Can Bank On (An American Banker Webinar)

Could you imagine a fifth of your customers walking out the door tomorrow? New research from ForeSee reveals that 21% would switch banks if the process was easier. What’s more, a quarter of consumers say the only reason they were loyal to their bank was because of the difficulties in switching. In this American Banker-hosted webinar, gain insights on factors that influence the banking customer experience and how to leverage them – plus discover the CX scores of three top banks.

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How Auto Trader Use ForeSee Data to Prioritise the Consumer Experience

When you put the customer first, it pays off in spades — plus increased NPS and CX scores.

Discover how Auto Trader, the UK’s largest digital automotive marketplace, successfully paired ForeSee CX insights with internal data to win executive buy-in to improve the web experience. After implementing these critical digital improvements, Auto Trader saw a five-point increase in CX scores, a 42% boost in NPS, as well as an increase in both vehicle advertising views and time spent on site.

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A Competitive Advantage: How JCPenney Uses VOC to Create a Win-Win Same Day Pick-Up Experience

When done right, BOPIS provides multiple customer touch points, blends the ease of online shopping with the immediacy of in-store shopping, and drives additional store purchases. How can retailers ensure that the BOPIS experience is frictionless and encourage more shoppers to use it? Join this webinar to hear how Doug Mitchell, Sr. Manager Site Optimization, JCPenney, uses Voice of Customer insights to create a world-class same-day pickup experience that goes beyond BOPIS. Eric Feinberg, Vice President, ForeSee, will share what the latest ForeSee research tells us about BOPIS shoppers.

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Strategies for Retail Banking CX Success from Union Bank & Trust and ForeSee

In this on-demand webinar, you'll hear from Union Bank & Trust VP and Director of Customer Experience, Jason Huffman, as he shares strategies for CX success in today's digitally demanding consumer landscape. Additionally, you'll learn about the findings from the ForeSee e-book 5 Steps for Retail Banks to Win on Customer Experience – featuring CX insights relevant to all Financial Services organizations.

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