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Live from the Answers Summit: Thursday, May 14

The 2015 Answers SummitThe 2015 Answers Summit is currently underway at the Westin Kierland in Scottsdale, Arizona! Follow along in the comments as ForeSee’s Jason Eddins, Mike Redmond and Krystel Harvey provide live updates from the event starting at 12:00 p.m. EST/9:00 a.m. PST.

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Krystel Harvey is ForeSee’s Regional Manager in the San Francisco Bay Area. With seven years of experience in the customer experience space, she has a particular passion for the retail and internet services industries. Krystel holds an undergraduate degree from Brandeis University and a master’s degree from Stanford University.

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  1. Krystel Harvey

    Kim Rival, Staff VP Enterprise Portals and Content Management at Anthem, presenting on improving the digital consumer experience through voice of the customer. ForeSee customer for ten years! Anthem has 70 million individuals served across 14 states with BC or BCS plans, 19 states with Medicaid. 673 million claimed processed, 62 million service calls last year. Changing landscape: consumers deman an easier, more engaging personalized experience focused on them, available when, where, and how they need it. What makes them tick is having the insights, the channel solutions, experience design experts, content teams and transparency. Insights drive everything that we do. Started with one survey with ForeSee in digital. Over the last two or three years, they’ve tripled the amount of surveys they have out there: member sites, broker experience, shopping site, Hispanic dedicated, etc. Top three challenges they face is data overload, building internal business cases to get buy in and effecting a culture change to move from B2B to B2C. Everybody in Anthem has their goals and they all need data. Kim pushed VOC to be the shining star above all else.

    Two prong approach to tackling challenges. They roadmap over a year and break it up into quarters. What are the quicker wins we’ll have Q1 versus Q4. ForeSee to help prioritize is key. In 2015, they have a feature called estimate your costs for procedures. 100 different user flows across channels, so need ForeSee to prioritize where to make improvements.

    Early in 2014, influx of new members from the marketplace came to Anthem and call volume increased. Satisfaction online for individual members decreased. With CPPs they drilled down it was under 65 direct consumers and the issue was bill play. Dug deeper with comment cluster to validate the priority. Worked with digital product managers to hit those low hanging fruits. Did the future behavior analysis to align that on their roadmap.

    They got the investment immediately and started to launch those enhancements based on the insights. Top issues we’re multiple logins, lack of credit card options and limited operational hours online. Monitored their progress: task accomplishment increased from 24% to 60%, for 50% their online visit replaced the need to call, 25% reduction in calls, 163% increase in web pay transactions and an 18 point increase in satisfaction.

  2. Krystel Harvey

    Kinjal Shah, Manager business intelligence and personalization at Lowe’s fireside chat with Eric Feinberg. Kinjal worked with ForeSee data at Autodesk four years ago. They got the biggest bang for their buck when they integrated ForeSee and Adobe. Been at Lowe’s for the last year and a half. 50 billion in sales, 800 million opportunities online to either make or break the relationship with their customers every year. We use ForeSee to understand what people think of the brand, our digital properties and where does the store experience start…hint it’s online. Store purchases influence by web is between 25-35%. Any improvement you can do online has a 4x impact in store for them.

    When you buy online, your order can be fulfilled three ways: pick up in store, via parcel to home or delivers from store. Three separate measures. They send out a weekly report to all the district managers to evaluate performance. The in-store pickup scores highest. There’s a huge percentage lift in additional sales of people ordering online and picking up in store.

    Personas for Lowe’s is solved by ForeSee by asking who people are and filtering the responses by each audience to see which features they’re seeking most. They prioritize the creation of the content for each persona with ForeSee. They combine the ForeSee data with their behavioral data to see what the personas are doing. When the UX team is trying to figure out where to effect change and prioritize their efforts, they use the combined data to determine what to do. Contractors get a separate entrance at Lowe’s because they buy in bulk, know exactly what they’re doing and come at 6 am. The online data reflects this as well.

    Search and finding products online is always the biggest question for DIYers. With thousands of products this is a challenge. There are tons of terms for the same product. There are two million searches everyday on their site. The intents are very specific. It is important to optimize for that intent. The search team segments ForeSee data by keywords people are using to help get those other terms and improve search.

    They have five measures with ForeSee. The desktop survey is taken extremely seriously. Mobile traffic is increasing to about 50%. Lowe’s has several peaks throughout the year. After those peaks are over, the data from ForeSee goes to Lowe’s executives. Responses are broken down by first time visitors vs repeat visitors. New visitors score lower than repeat visitors, because of unfamiliarity with the site and brand.

    Executives have a dashboard of ForeSee data that goes out to them every day. Executives take the online satisfaction seriously because it has a huge impact on store. People in the loyalty program score higher as well.

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