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Live from the Answers Summit: Wednesday, May 13

The 2015 Answers SummitThe 2015 Answers Summit is currently underway at the Westin Kierland in Scottsdale, Arizona! Follow along in the comments as ForeSee’s Jason Eddins, Mike Redmond and Krystel Harvey provide live updates from the event starting at 12:00 p.m. EST/9:00 a.m. PST.

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Krystel Harvey is ForeSee’s Regional Manager in the San Francisco Bay Area. With seven years of experience in the customer experience space, she has a particular passion for the retail and internet services industries. Krystel holds an undergraduate degree from Brandeis University and a master’s degree from Stanford University.

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  1. Jason Eddins

    Heading down to breakfast for the official first day of Answers’ Summit ’15. I’m going to need to carb load for all the brainpower I’ll use today in learning!

  2. Mike Redmond

    Excited to see all the great sessions lined up for today! Stay tuned for some interesting insights coming from powerhouse companies…

  3. Krystel Harvey

    How are you doing? Web: 68, Mobile: 76, Tablet: 74, Mobile App: 80, Store: 88, Contact Center: 75

  4. Jason Eddins

    Is your company’s #VoC program providing data that is TBU? True, But Useless – Chip Heath discussing change at Answers Summit.

  5. Mike Redmond

    Is your analytical team doing a “Bright Spots” analysis within your organization? Chip Heath asking the audience… are you prepared as leaders in your company to drive positive change using the right data story!

  6. Jason Eddins

    Answers launches real-time feedback offering for ‘find and fix’ augmentation of your ForeSee CX measurement. #AnswersVOC

  7. Mike Redmond

    Teri Baker kicking off afternoon sessions and doing an awesome job right now talking about using ForeSee to improve associate engagement in the Contact Center

  8. Krystel Harvey

    Michael Roth, MSC Industrial Supply: Last year, MSC heard a lot of complaints about the promotion codes and it led them to believe they had a checkout issue. They used customer journey mapping to dig deeper. What are the motivations/feelings/expectations of your customers as they move from step to step?

    MSC pulls a team of four together to immerse in the customer journey and understand customers’ point of view. They leverage ForeSee and rally around the voices of their customers. It helps them stop and focus on the root cause, not the symptoms. Customer journey mapping is like a muscle. If you’re not using it frequently, it won’t stay.

    They also leverage cxReplay as their flashlight on the actual customer experience. It allows MSC to play back all the sessions of their survey respondents to put the journey mapping process on steroids. Allows them to see things they never saw before and move faster.

    With that, the team went back and found all the surveys that mentioned the code issue and went to the cxReplay sessions. They found it wasn’t the checkout process: that was the symptom. The root cause was that the promotional code was only available on the home page. When they landed elsewhere, the customers weren’t seeing the code. They made some changes. It allowed them to see the problem faster, brainstorm faster and make the right decision faster. They put the promo on every page wherever the customer lands, at the top of the page. They called this the promo eyebrow. Before this launch, CSat was a 74. They’re seeing a 12% increase in code use and their CSAT went up to 80. Now all you have to do is click on the promo eyebrow and don’t have to type in the code and the Csat has risen to 82.

  9. Mike Redmond

    Teri Baker discussing how Banfield Pet Hospital utilizes ForeSee SIRs and daily performance reports while embracing opportunities in the data insights rather than avoiding them…

  10. Jason Eddins

    Argos renewed their company-wide focus on the customer, breaking down internal barriers, and reconstructed their image and brand to great effect. ForeSee’s measurement across many touch points allowed this focus.

  11. Mike Redmond

    Banfield Pet Hospital wraps up the session discussing how small wins and celebrating those with your agents in the contact center goes a long way boosting comradarie and morale, resulting in improved CSAT scores!

  12. Jason Eddins

    Rick Puder from Vitamin World says two things are key in driving their success. One, satisfying their customers. Two, satisfying their associates. They couldn’t do this without having the importance of these key tenets understood by their president down to their part-time associates. ‘ForeSee is one of the most valuable tools that we’ve ever implemented’ to drive our business.

  13. Krystel Harvey

    Karen Bennett, Senior Manager, Usability, Customer Analytics and Feedback at Home Depot presenting on Bridging the Online and In-Store Divide. Traditional organizations live in silos. 40% of Home Depot online orders are picked up in a Home Depot store. Sales online were up 36% in 2014 so that’s a lot of big numbers.

    They weren’t the first to market with Buy Online, Pick Up In Store. Your customers must understand the value and like the experience. Through the process of the roll out, they found three key areas important to the overall experience and to think holistically: online order, communications and store. They gathered 15,000 responses when they were in the pilot phase. They tweaked their questions from how people were learning about the program to where the issues were.

    The stores think about data very differently from the online team. The enhancement phase included getting the data through the organization so they can make the experience better for their customers. They had to build a cross channel listening program can take extra effort, but Home Depot is seeing the benefits. Employees are rallying around the data.

    Research teams aren’t with the customer everyday. They gather the data but don’t use it necessarily. You have to map all the customer experiences. Using the right methodology is key. There’s a difference between high end count and valuable data that can be actionable. It’s ok if you’re getting actionable data, not to hammer on getting more end count.

    It’s important to engage your employees with the customer data. Format your reporting the way your associates talk. Reward customer focus. Partnership was a challenge Home Depot was able to overcome. Connecting the store goals to the online goals was key. Everyone who can touch those pieces should be involved. Technology in stores is different from technology online. There’s an opportunity to talk to the IT partners and think through how to make a data feed happen and move it directly to the stores.

    Employees have an opportunity to tell online when something’s not working properly. The stakeholders of the data need to know who to call. Analysis gives Home Depot the power to segment to the store hierarchies and help them from the perspective of predictability. Changing process in stores isn’t easy. Our data can help find quick fixes and true opportunities. Ask the right type of questions. Now they ask around specific issues that people can pinpoint a change for. People use the data to help get funding.

  14. Mike Redmond

    OppenheimerFunds opens their session discussing is being good enough in the Contact Center working for us, are we satisfied with just being good? or do we want to be GREAT! Well of course they want to be GREAT, so they developed the “ForeSee Action Team” comprised of staff members across Advisor Services, Retirement Plans, Investor Services… A call to action if you will… This group has a passion for solving problems, providing quality customer service, knows detail to our customers matters and that the decisions they make directly affect positive change.

    Key for the Oppenheimer team is keeping their Contact Center survey relevant and respectful to our current business environment making the survey dynamic. This approach allows them to maximize ForeSee capabilities and being more proactive with daily business decisions.

    Tiffany and Lori wrap up the session highlighting that we all need to take accountability and influence the way we do business with our customers and that will lead to success in any organization as customer expectations continually rise.

    Awesome session Tiffany and Lori from Oppenheimer!

  15. Jason Eddins

    Salena Scardina at Vera Bradley knows how to get store managers on board with their ForeSee CX data. Give them a digestible bit that helps them and they’ll come back hungry for more!

  16. Mike Redmond

    Dennis Elliott and Mark Scarborough from T. Rowe Price kick things off in their session talking about how ForeSee is helping them retain their existing client base, bringing new clients on board and getting more clients to engage with our digital services.

    Dennis highlights the fact that as a result of working with ForeSee we have done an excellent job connecting the Call Center and web channels and the importance of how they are intertwined. They now have ongoing dialogue breaking down silos and sharing best practices across their digital and Contact Center channels.

    Mark and Dennis highlight their Voice of Customer Evolution…
    1. Pre 2008 no technology, no vendor relationships, inconsistent reporting.
    2. They mature and by 2012 they form a small internal VOC team with balanced insights through associates and customers. 3. 2013 – present and working with ForeSee… T. Rowe develops a brand new centralized approach to measuring the Contact Center experience, deliver cross channel insights, have a single vendor, use mature proven methodology and add valuable benchmarks all delivered by ForeSee!

    ForeSee is now used as a T. Rowe Price KPI that gets shared all the way up the Executive chain.

  17. Krystel Harvey

    Russ Vander Weil and Dave Mickelson of 3M present on lessons learned using ForeSee for the last 12 years. Started working with ForeSee in 2003 in just US; now in 87 locales. 500,000 voices collected to date. First month of CSat was a 65 with navigation as their lowest scoring element.

    Pre-ForeSee days: the days of the Gladiator wars. Decision making was always on them, they never involved the customer. ForeSee was a great gift to 3M.

    Web analytics says 50% of visitors come from organic search. ForeSee says 20% of respondents rank organic search as a top factor to visit. Behavior does not equal intent. ForeSee measures the “why” of that behavior. Marketing attribution systems are almost exclusively behavior-oriented and according to their customers, not accurate. Customers use the search engine to navigate to 3m, but it was other successful marketing tactics that deserve the credit- the search engine was only a proxy.

    Web analytics show visitors are accomplishing the tasks they designed. ForeSee shows those same visitors are not satisfied and won’t return or refer. Customers can and will do what we design for them, but there are risks and repercussions if they also don’t satisfy them. ForeSee helps 3M synthesize paradoxical data of behavioral and attitudinal.

    Jonah Berger’s book, Contagious, says word of mouth generates more than two times the sales of paid advertising and is the primary factor behind 20-50% of all purchasing decisions. It is between 8.5 and 30 times more effective than traditional media. 3M’s WOMI data from ForeSee helped confirm this for them. WOM blows traditional media away which is surprising given that 93% of word of mouth is offline. WOMI influenced their customers more than traditional channels.

    “The objective of content marketing is to produce information that customers and prospective customers will use.” Jay Baer, Yousability. ForeSee data has identified deficits and opportunities. Satisfaction of visitors who see “how to” content vs those who don’t is wildly higher.

    See the profound in the mundane. Sometimes killer tactics are right in front of you. The URL used on product packaging seems basic. Unlike a display impression, it’s like an ad unit that never goes away. Went into ForeSee: how did you become aware of the 3M website? The URL on packaging was the number 2 influencer. It was always in the data. They just had to pay attention!

    Financial modeling of website investments is a challenge for many. 3M used to think marketing was an art and marketing didn’t speak finance’s language. They spoke marketing Voodoo language. ForeSee helps tie the two together. Measuring the lift on future behaviors as a result of proposed improvements; take those lift values in combination with web analytics. These lift values can be used with visitor traffic, plus AOV or CRM sales data to quantify ROI.

    Beware of number fetishism: survey response volume deficit. Survey validity is a very different construct that accuracy. Validity is actionable.

    Trans-national surveys: satisfaction is culturally specific. In Paraguay someone can not have task success and still have hug satisfaction. Satisfaction is impacted by local and cultural expectations.

    Big data is built from the ground up but must be planned from the top down. Clear business and marketing reporting requirements are imperative and can make the engineering of data relationships seem easy. Implementing a real time data layer is the key next step for 3M to help act on the data real-time. “Try not…do…or do not. There is no try.”

  18. Mike Redmond

    T. Rowe Price team speaks to a packed session as the room was filled wall to wall with conference attendees.

    Good question asked about “how did you get the budget approved to bring on ForeSee to measure all your Call Centers? Dennis touched on the fact that we essentially developed a SWAT team to start the funding conversation and built a business case which was the currency for them to influence executive buy in. You also need to invest in new functionality as the Call Center is just as important as your digital channels.

  19. Krystel Harvey

    Global Content Syndication with Jonathon Relkin of Mattel. Most of their business is done through retailers. Bringing joy to kids everywhere is a magical thing. Mattel is a house of brands. IP and strengthening those brands are key. 150 countries, 40 offices, 33 languages, 10,000 worldwide employees. Goal: activate localized rich media assets across non Amazon Global eRetail and Amstel branded sites. Webcollage is a key partner in making that happen.

    Matteo’s journey-Step1: creat English-language rich content. Step 2: Localize rich content. Step 3: establish ability to syndicate. Step 4: create local Webcollage Modules. Step 5: delivery/syndication to E-retailers.

    Pushing out 4,000-5,000 new products per year. That’s a lot of new content they have to push out! The consumer of Mattel’s products is not the shopper. The lens of the demand creation versus the conversion activity is completely different in the toy business. Basic versus deluxe assets is a starting point. They define which products fit into which category.

    They used to create content locally. French marketing would create their own content. Today they start with their worldwide list: 300-400 deluxe items and translate the content. What are you selling in Spain? What are you selling in France? That content is stored in a product information repository and those country marketing teams can go grab the relevant translated content they need and go to market.

    Without syndication, how do you execute those assets and do you have the resources to deliver those to retailers? Mattel partners with Webcollage on exactly this. US team publishes content to the international workspaces. Those local teams might tweak that content and then be pushed out to the retailers in their locale. Some products aren’t the same internationally and do the international teams can create the modules themselves.

    Mattel partners with Webcollage to bring new retailers into the syndication network. Module assembly, push to retailers and the content is live on their websites. This Webcollage process is something Mattel is heavily invested in. They’ve taken a number of steps to create global content. Video content for example. Used to be someone speaking. Now it has been replaced with text at the bottom of the video that can be easily swapped out for the appropriate language.

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