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Energy and Utilities

The energy and utilities industry is in the middle of significant transformation. See how CX and a voice of the customer (VOC) approach is helping regulated and deregulated providers maximize customer value, differentiate, and drive business efficiencies.

Energy and utility providers need to compete on customer experience just like retailers, banks, public services, and other industries. Your customers expect convenience in the form of self-serve apps and tools, clear value from the services you provide, and dependable assistance at every interaction. If you aren’t aware of how and when your efforts are coming up short, you’re wasting resources and damaging your brand.

Key Benefits

Our proven methodology lets you accurately measure the customer experience across channels, quantify the impact that improvements have on satisfaction, and understand where to focus resources for the best return. When you measure the energy and utility customer experience with ForeSee, you’ll:

  • Understand Your Users: View your service and information delivery success through the eyes of your constituents, segmented by location, seasons, and other factors.
  • Gain Actionable Insights: Identify where making improvements will generate the greatest increase in customer satisfaction and desired customer behaviors, such as using self-serve apps and tracking usage.
  • Make Meaningful Improvements: Make customer-centric improvements to your website, mobile site or app, or contact center experience based on hard data — not just “squeaky wheels.”
  • Benchmark Performance: Our extensive benchmarks let you compare your performance against peers, competitor, and best-in-breed websites.
  • Get Expert Analysis: Our experienced analysts, architects, and usability experts provide detailed analysis, reporting, best practices, and insights to help you answer nagging questions and identify areas of opportunity.

“We’re having to think about higher-level and longer-term aspirations around customer engagement, beyond just providing a utility. Do customers get us as a brand? Are we enriching the relationship? A big part of that is providing quantifiable service that’s meaningful and comparable across channels.”

—Grant Littman, Senior Manager, Digital Experience, Southern California Edison

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Regulated and deregulated energy and utility companies are using ForeSee CX solutions to bring certainty to customer satisfaction, differentiation, and organizational value. Contact us to find out how we can help your business achieve the same results.