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Financial Services

Where do you put the welcome mat when customers don’t use the front door? Highly satisfied customers of banks, credit unions, brokerage firms and credit card companies are more likely to recommend your services to family and friends. But how do you nurture those relationships when in-person visits are rapidly giving way to faceless technology encounters? With consumer behavior shifting dramatically from branch networks to online channels, the stakes have never been higher for the financial services industry. ForeSee helps financial service companies measure the customer experience to increase loyalty by identifying not only where to make improvements, but which improvements will yield the maximum benefit to the overall business.

Improve the Financial Services Customer Experience with ForeSee

ForeSee’s multichannel customer experience analytics give you a complete view of your organization from your customers’ perspective. By understanding the experiences your customers want and how you are performing against those expectations, you can formulate targeted actions to increase customer retention, improve acquisition rates, and increase customer lifetime values.

Key Benefits

Our proven approach to customer experience measurement lets you accurately measure your customer experience across channels, quantify the impact each element has on satisfaction and future behaviors, and understand where to focus resources for the best return. When you measure the financial services customer experience with ForeSee, you’ll:

  • Identify Key Customer Segments and Interactions: Gain a deeper understanding of opportunities and problem areas across channels relative to specific audience segments (e.g., loyal customers, first-time visitors, comparison shoppers and information seekers) and identify elements of your customer experience that may be impeding desired customer interactions.
  • Gain Actionable Customer Experience Insights: Our Analytics Portals present your multichannel customer experience data in an easy-to-understand, focused view that can be shared easily across the entire organization to inform decision-making and gain support.
  • Know Where to Focus Improvements: Make smart, confident decisions based on a true understanding of customer needs and expectations. Prioritize improvement initiatives based on accurate customer insights as well as what makes the most sense for your business.
  • Benchmark for Success: Our comprehensive customer experience benchmarks tell you how your customer experience ranks against competitors, across industries, and across channels.