How are you diagnosing the experience of your patients, members, and customers today? Hospitals, health care organizations, and insurance providers are working feverishly to make it easier for people to find the right provider, make appointments, research information, understand billing and more. But are you measuring the impact of your efforts in an actionable way?

Improve the Health Care Customer Experience with ForeSee

ForeSee’s multichannel customer experience analytics examine how well each touch point – including websites, contact centers, mobile apps and more – are meeting both your users’ needs and expectations. It will also prescribe where to make improvements that will have the greatest impact on customer satisfaction and desired future behaviors.

Key Benefits

Our proven approach to customer experience measurement lets you accurately measure your customer experience across channels, quantify the impact each element has on satisfaction and future behaviors, and understand where to focus resources for the best return. With ForeSee, hospitals, health care organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance providers can:

  • Understand Your Audience: Determine which channels users prefer to interact with you, the types of information they are looking for, and whether or not they were able to accomplish tasks.
  • Gain Actionable Insights: Determine where improvements to a process or service will increase customer satisfaction and influence desired future behaviors, such as likelihood to recommend, return and use desired channels as a primary resource.
  • Gain Support: Our Analytics Portals present your multichannel customer experience data in an easy-to-understand, focused view that can be shared easily across the entire organization to inform decision-making and gain support.
  • Maximize Channel Efficiency: Make customer-focused improvements to your digital channels to deflect online visitors from turning to more expensive offline channels like a contact center or information desk.
  • Benchmark for Success: Determine if you’re delivering a leading, lagging, or unbalanced experience with ForeSee’s comprehensive customer experience benchmarks, which tell you how your company ranks against competitors, across industries, across channels, and over time.