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Today’s shoppers use multiple channels and devices to acquire goods and services. But they still view your retail business as a single brand, and their experience in one part of the shopping journey can significantly impact their satisfaction with your company as a whole.

Getting the customer experience right is your #1 competitive weapon. You know you could improve your CX, but you don’t have the full picture. Imagine knowing – with certainty – where your CX improvements will have the biggest impact before you make them. That’s ForeSee.

Improve the Retail Customer Experience with ForeSee

Our predictive analytics help you understand your customers from their perspective, and at every interaction point in the omnichannel customer journey. ForeSee helps brick-and-mortar and online retailers measure and understand today’s complex, multichannel experience on web and mobile sites, in stores, in the contact center, and with social media initiatives.

Key Benefits

Our proven approach to customer experience measurement lets you accurately measure your customer experience across channels, quantify the impact each element has on satisfaction and future behaviors, and understand where to focus resources for the best return. When you measure the retail customer experience with ForeSee, you’ll:

Gain Valuable Customer Insight
Determine which customer experiences lead to higher cart values, and see which channels shoppers are selecting to accomplish tasks and more.

Get Actionable Customer Experience Data
Our Analytics Portals present your multichannel retail customer experience data in an easy-to-understand, focused view that can be shared easily across the entire organization to inform decision-making and gain support.

Uncover Lost Revenue from Web and Mobile Experiences
Use Replay for Web and Mobile, which provides instant playback of a user’s interaction with a web or mobile site on a desktop computer, tablet, or mobile device, to visualize customer struggles and quickly identify technical issues that may be causing customers who had every intention of making a purchase abandon their shopping carts.

Benchmark for Success
Our comprehensive customer experience benchmarks tell you how your retail customer experience ranks against competitors, across industries and channels, and over time.

“It’s becoming rare that our customers interact with our brand only on the website or only in our stores. If we analyze customer satisfaction data solely in a channel-specific way, we will never get the complete picture – and the complete picture is very important to us.”


Learn More

If you’re shopping for a better way to understand the multichannel customer experience, contact us to learn why leading retailers like Argos, Disney Store, Ideal Shopping, Lacoste, Party City, Victoria’s Secret and hundreds of others – including 70% of the IR 100 – measure and manage the retail customer experience with ForeSee.