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Telecom & Communications

You know your customers have a voice. But are you listening to that voice — and acting on it — before your customers say “good-bye”? In today’s competitive business environment, the stakes have never been higher for telecom and utility companies. Consumers have more options than ever, and if they become dissatisfied with your services, they can easily tell the world — or change providers. The challenge is to provide an experience that satisfies your customers every time they engage with you — online, over the phone, in person, or across all of these touch points.

Improve the Customer Experience with ForeSee

Today, telecom and utility companies are faced with the challenge of providing customer experiences that set them apart from their competitors, while also anticipating and responding to customers’ constantly evolving needs and expectations. ForeSee’s multichannel customer experience analytics help telecom and utility companies do just that.

Key Benefits

ForeSee’s proven approach to customer experience measurement reveals precisely how your company is performing against customer expectations and quantifies how your customers’ experiences are likely to affect their future behaviors, such as remaining loyal, using more services, or recommending your service to others. Then, we show you where to take action to improve the customer experience based on accurate, reliable data. Key features help you:

  • Evaluate Relationships with Key Customer Segments: Gain a deeper understanding of opportunities and problem areas across channels relative to specific audience segments (e.g., loyal customers, first-time visitors, comparison shoppers and information seekers).
  • Understand Customer Interactions Across Touch Points: Assess how effectively your web or mobile site supports your offline channels, and discover where to make improvements that will empower customers to self-serve online rather than turn to costlier channels.
  • Diagnose Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities: Understand which elements of your multichannel experience are satisfying your customers, and accurately determine which elements are causing customers to struggle. Then, make laser-focused improvements that support your business goals.
  • Gain Actionable Customer Experience Insights: Our Analytics Portals present your multichannel customer experience data in an easy-to-understand, focused view that can be shared easily across the entire organization to inform decision-making and gain support.
  • Visualize Experiences and Quickly Identify Problems: Use ForeSee Replay for Web and Mobile to visualize customer struggles and quickly identify technical issues that may be impeding desired customer actions, such as paying a bill, adding new services, and more.
  • Benchmark for Success: Determine if you’re delivering a leading, lagging, or unbalanced experience with ForeSee’s comprehensive customer experience benchmarks, which tell you how your company ranks against competitors, across industries, across channels, and over time.