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In today’s constantly changing digital landscape, media and entertainment companies face a number of challenges, including increasingly powerful competitors, changing demographics, a growing numbers of devices for consumers to receive news and access content, and increasing customer expectations. So when you need to make decisions and investments that affect the customers who can make or break your business, it’s important to base them on data, not assumptions. That’s where ForeSee can help.

Improve the Customer Experience with ForeSee

Half of the Fortune 100 use ForeSee’s multichannel customer experience analytics to better understand their customers. Our proven approach to customer experience measurement precisely and accurately analyzes the voice of your customers so you know where to make improvements and focus resources. With ForeSee, you can identify how to meet the needs of your digital audiences and discover how to better monetize your digital platforms — which now include mobile and tablet sites in addition to the traditional web.

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Key Benefits

With ForeSee, you can quantify the impact specific elements of the user experience are likely to have on your visitors’ future behaviors, such as returning to your site, recommending your service or programming, and likelihood to engage with you offline. Key features help you:

Evaluate Key Customer Segments

  • Profile and segment your readers or viewers by key demographics across channels to gauge the effectiveness of marketing campaigns or to support ad sales, determine how your digital channels impact offline viewership and engagement, and more.

Understand Interactions Across Touch Points

  • Discover when, where and how your users prefer to access your content and how this impacts their experience (e.g., using a tablet at home with a Wi-Fi connection or using a mobile device on the go with a slow connection) to determine where to make improvements.

Improve Advertising

  • Identify the right balance of advertising and content to maximize revenue without impacting the user experience, and determine ad effectiveness by channel, demographic, time of day and more.

Increase Revenue

  • Identify the right mix of free and paid content on your digital channels, and determine what makes users more likely to subscribe.

Data Access and Communication

  • Our Analytics Portals present your multichannel customer experience data in an easy-to-understand, focused view that can be shared easily across the entire organization to inform decision-making and gain support.

Benchmark for Success

  • Our comprehensive customer experience benchmarks tell you how your customer experience ranks against competitors, across industries and channels, and over time so you can determine if you’re delivering a leading, lagging or unbalanced experience.
The insights we receive from ForeSee have been crucial to pinpointing issues and identifying potential solutions, which has ultimately led to a seamless and highly satisfactory experience for our readers.

Bruce Rogers, Chief Insights Officer, Forbes

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In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing environment, your greatest asset is your customers. Differentiate yourself by consistently delivering a great customer experience. Let ForeSee help you hear, understand and effectively act on the voice of your customers. Contact us to learn why media and entertainment industry leaders such as The Weather Channel, NFL Direct, Guardian UK, Forbes, PBS and others work with ForeSee to measure and improve the digital experience.