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In today’s competitive environment, no business or organization can survive without customers. Whether you’re a non-profit charity looking to increase donations or participation, a B2B company wanting to increase online sales, a web-based service trying to gauge the effectiveness of marketing efforts or you fall into a different category, the future of your organization depends on retaining your existing customers and attracting new ones. If you’re not paying attention to the needs and expectations of your customers, you’re operating in the dark.

Improve the Customer Experience with ForeSee

ForeSee helps you shed light on your customer experience. Our multichannel analytics accurately measure the customer experience within and across channels so you can understand and act on what’s happening across your business to improve customer experience, create loyal customers and manage your business forward. Our proven approach to customer experience measurement precisely and accurately analyzes the voice of your customers so you know where to make improvements and focus resources.

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With ForeSee, you can quantify the impact specific elements of the user experience are likely to have on your visitors’ future behaviors, such as returning to your site, recommending your products or services and likelihood to engage with you offline. Key features help you:

Evaluate Relationships with Key Customer Segments

  • Gain a deeper understanding of opportunities and problem areas across channels relative to specific audience segments (e.g., loyal customers, registered members, first-time visitors, comparison shoppers, etc.).

Understand Customer Interactions Across Touch Points

  • Assess how effectively your web or mobile site supports your offline channels, and discover where to make improvements that will increase customer satisfaction across channels.

Diagnose Strengths, Weaknesses and Opportunities

  • Understand which elements of your multichannel experience are satisfying your customers, and accurately determine which elements are causing customers to struggle. Then, make laser-focused improvements that support your business goals.

Data Access and Communication

  • Our Analytics Portals present your multichannel customer experience data in an easy-to-understand, focused view that can be easily shared across the entire organization to inform decision-making and gain support.

Visualize Experiences and Quickly Identify Issues

  • Use ForeSee Replay for Web and Mobile to visualize customer struggles and quickly identify technical issues that may be impeding desired customer interactions.

Benchmark for Success

  • Our comprehensive customer experience benchmarks tell you how your customer experience ranks against competitors, across industries and channels, and over time.

Other Industries Include:


SAE International, American College of Cardiology, National Fire Protection Association, Canadian Medical Association and others


Cummins, Eaton, Emerson Network Power, Gale-Cengage, HNI Enterprise, MSC Industrial Supply, ProQuest, Scholastic and others

Educational Institutions

University of Michigan Athletics, Harvard Business School, Pearson Higher Education, Learning Care Group and others

Non-Profits and Non-Profit Charities

Smithsonian Institution, ChildFund International, Save the Children, Partnership for Public Service and others

ForeSee allows us to monitor the performance of improvements we make to our platform, and it is great to see these ‘leading indicators’ of success occur in real time after making changes.

Lynda James-Gilboe, VP of Global Customer Experience and Services, ProQuest

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In today’s highly competitive and rapidly changing environment, your greatest asset is your customers. Differentiate yourself by consistently delivering a great customer experience. Contact us to learn how we can create a customer experience measurement program tailored to your industry and business goals.