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ForeSee’s cxReplay technology enhances our customer experience analytics for web and mobile so you can more accurately pinpoint where your visitors are struggling and efficiently resolve issues that are negatively impacting the customer experience.

Unleash the Power of Observation with ForeSee’s cxReplay Technology

Foresee’s cxReplay technology for the web allows your to:

  • Prioritize

    • Find out which aspects of the web or mobile experience matter most to your customers and prioritize the ones that will have the most impact on their satisfaction
  • Segment

    • Dig deeper into the customer experience by looking at replays by key customer segments. Determine issues that negatively impact the customer experience for first-time visitors, returning visitors, registered users, and more
  • Filter

    • Quickly determine what is most relevant to your site visitors by grouping similar customer satisfaction scores or reviewing specific paths/pages within the visitor experience
  • Isolate

    • Target individual replays by examining open-ended customer feedback. Determine if issues are due to user error or technical errors that could lead to lost revenue
  • Communicate and Improve

    • Gain visual evidence that quickly helps you present a case for change
    • Build organizational support for customer experience improvements by showing stakeholders replays annotated with your insights
    • Efficiently resolve web and mobile site issues and free up time to tackle other initiatives

Reduce the number of meetings, streamline the decision making process, and move quickly toward resolution. Establish consensus and supercharge your web and mobile customer experience improvement strategies with ForeSee’s cxReplay technology.

Advanced Analytics

With the ForeSee Advanced Analytics Portal, you can slice and dice data, perform “what-if” analysis and analyze open-ended comments. Online (and mobile) access allows you to continuously monitor customer experience data, stay on top of performance trends and easily share voice of customer insights throughout the organization. Data is viewable by day, month, or a custom date range and can be accessed by an unlimited number of internal stakeholders.

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Know What’s Working and Where to Improve

View satisfaction summaries or detailed response data in an intuitive, graphical format. See current scores for all measured elements of your customer experience and use priority mapping to see which areas offer the greatest opportunity for improvement.

Performance Monitoring

Segment, Compare and Calculate the Impact of Improvements

Advanced filtering capabilities help you gain intelligence based on broad or discrete customer segments (e.g., age groups, first-time visitors, repeat customers, etc.). Side-by-side comparison and trending features allow for even further analysis. Use the “what-if” calculator to see the expected impact you’ll get from increasing customer satisfaction with a specific element. Use the results to build a business case for improvement or to model the financial implication of changes.

Analytical Tools

Review Customer Feedback in Context

Easily and efficiently assess open-ended customer feedback within the context of customer satisfaction. The Comment Cluster tool groups verbatim comments around common themes and enables comments to be selected and emailed to stakeholders to help illustrate issues.

Analyze Feedback

Efficiently Communicate the Right Data to the Right Audience

Generate reports on demand or for regularly scheduled deliveries. Create and save report distribution lists. Customize reports using filters to ensure audiences are getting the right level of detail or to pinpoint and isolate issues or accomplishments.

Relevant Reports

Executive Visibility

The ForeSee Executive Portal provides visibility into all measured touch points of your company’s multichannel customer experience. Online (and tablet) access gives you the ability to monitor key metrics and make informed decisions while multiple communication options allow you to easily and regularly communicate key information to co-workers, associates, partners and/or employees who can take actions needed to address issues

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Mobile Access

Access customer experience data wherever you are with mobile versions of the ForeSee Advanced Analytics and Executive portals. Get a snapshot view of critical scores and trend lines on your Android or iOS device.

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