Today’s customers expect seamless experiences across channels. This means service consistency, pricing and promotional coherence, and the ability to easily accomplish tasks wherever and whenever they choose. ForeSee’s proven approach to multichannel customer experience measurement and analysis tells you which channels are having the greatest impact on your business and where to make changes that deliver quantifiable results. Powered by precise voice of customer measurement, predictive analytics and the proven ForeSee CXA methodology, our cx360 product platform provides unparalleled visibility into the multichannel customer experience so you can achieve customer experience success.

ForeSee CX Suite

ForeSee CX Suite is the first Voice of Customer (VOC) solution to help you manage all your CX intelligence needs. It combines an integrated suite of CX applications, the only proven methodology in the industry, and an expert partnership for your CX success. Learn More

ForeSee CX Measurement

Our multichannel customer experience analytics measure the entire customer experience — on the web, via mobile devices, with your contact center, in your stores, and with your social presence — so you can see your brand the way your customers do and make meaningful improvements that help you build a better business. What sets our analytics apart is the proven science of customer satisfaction — a leading indicator of business success. Learn More

ForeSee Feedback

Revolutionize the way your organization actions opt-in customer input while complementing your customer experience strategies for web and mobile. With category-transforming technologies like in-page analytics and self-service survey creation and deployment tools, it has never been easier for you to detect and alert teammates about customer issues—and profit from customer experience insights in real-time. Learn More

ForeSee Replay for Web and Mobile

Add the power of visualization to ForeSee’s customer experience analytics for web and mobile with ForeSee Replay. Gain a clear and complete view of your customers’ web and mobile experiences to more accurately pinpoint where your visitors are struggling, so you can efficiently resolve issues that are negatively impacting the customer experience. Learn More

ForeSee Text Analytics

Boost your customer experience measurement capabilities by harnessing actionable insights from the multitude of open-ended comments captured by your ForeSee surveys. You can quantify positive and negative sentiment in customer comments to trigger action and attention in your organization, complementing your predictive customer experience analytics. Learn More

ForeSee Ratings & Reviews

ForeSee Ratings & Reviews helps you improve brand visibility and inspire consumer confidence by capturing customer ratings and reviews from your customer base leveraging your existing ForeSee customer experience measures. Our proactive approach results in more accurate and representative ratings and reviews that can be leveraged to fuel future site visits and sales conversions. Learn More

Portals and Reporting

ForeSee’s analytics portals make voice of customer analysis, customer experience mapping, and customer experience reporting a breeze. And because customer experience impacts the entire organization, our analytics portals are designed to meet everybody’s needs. Learn More

Customer Data Integration

With our data integration capabilities, you can trend and correlate ForeSee data with external business metrics to understand how customer experience improvements impact company performance. Learn More

Answers™ Employee Experience Measurement

Discover what drives employee engagement and know where to improve. Employee Experience Measurement from ForeSee combines our proven approach to employee experience measurement with the dedicated support of an expert Employee Experience Analyst who works with you every step of the way–from survey development and deployment to results interpretation and reporting.  Learn more

Loyalty Program Measurement

By applying proven methodology and using industry-adopted predictive analytics, ForeSee Loyalty Program Measurement enables you to gain a deeper understanding of what drives member satisfaction with your loyalty program so you’ll know where to prioritize program improvements. Learn More