Customer Data Integration

With ForeSee CX Integrate capabilities, you can see how customer experience is impacting business performance by trending and correlating ForeSee metrics with business metrics like financial, sales, marketing, service and supply chain data.

Clickstream Integration: Combine Attitudinal and Behavioral Insights

foresee-integrate-clickstream-v2Clickstream data tells you what your customers did, but it doesn’t tell you how they felt about the experience. To bridge this gap, ForeSee’s CX Integrate can link your forward-looking customer experience data to your clickstream data in our online portals.

Gain a Comprehensive View of Your Customers

  • Combine robust travel pattern analysis with the sophistication of knowing visitors’ impressions, perspectives and thoughts.

Understand Behavioral Impacts

  • See how what your customers did (clickstream) impacts future behaviors tied to your organization’s goals (attitudinal insights).

Gain a Deeper Understanding of Key Visitor Segments

  • Understand customer satisfaction based on acquisition source, demographics, geographies and more to identify enhancement opportunities for your most valuable customers.

CX Integrate works with all the major clickstream providers, including Google Analytics, Webtrends, and Adobe Analytics.

Financial Integration: See How Customer Experience Impacts Revenue

Integrate FinancialTracking the average dollar amount of customer purchases is important, yet it only tells you about past behaviors. It does not project how likely your customers are to return, recommend or purchase from you again. To extend this view, ForeSee can link your forward-looking customer experience data to key financial metrics in our online portals.

See How Attitudes Impact Spending

  • Understand satisfaction for user segments such as customers who spend over a certain amount each month or first-time customers who spent a large amount but have not returned.

Identify Areas for Improvement

  • Review financial and attitudinal data together to understand what drives sales and make improvements that will influence customers to return, recommend, and purchase again.

Use CX Integrate with a variety of financial systems and corporate metrics like revenue, sales, transactions and more.

CRM Integration: Empower Your Organization

Integrate CrmCRM data helps your sales, customer support or service and marketing teams track your customers’ actions, but it does not tell you how satisfied your customers are with the experiences you’re providing. By framing your most critical customer experience insights within relevant business contexts (e.g., CRM segments, categories, etc.) cross-functional teams can more effectively drive business decisions at all levels of the organization.

Segment and Analyze

  • Analyze customer experience data via key elements from your CRM system (region, category, bookings, etc.) within the ForeSee portal.

Leverage the Voice of Your Customers

  • Gain visibility into key customer experience metrics and empower stakeholders across your organization to gain a more complete view of the customer.

Make Better Business Decisions

  • Enrich your customer experience data with CRM data that is key to teams across your organization to gain deeper insight and inform decision-making.

CX Integrate for CRM data supports major systems like and others.

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