Employee Experience Measurement

Measure Employee Satisfaction with ForeSee

Collecting feedback from your workforce plays a crucial role in gauging employee satisfaction. But do you know where it’s critical to act if you want to improve the employee experience? Traditional approaches to employee satisfaction surveys can be time-consuming for over-loaded HR teams to coordinate and execute, and often require you to analyze and interpret complex data in-house to derive insights from your results. To truly understand what drives employee satisfaction and engagement and where to prioritize initiatives for improvement, you need to measure the employee experience.

Uncover What Drives Employee Engagement and Know Where to Improve

Employee Experience Measurement from ForeSee is different. Our solution combines our proven approach to employee experience measurement with the dedicated support of an expert Employee Experience Analyst who works as an extension of your team every step of the way–from survey development and deployment to results interpretation and reporting.

Employee Experience Priority Map

Predictive Employee Experience Measurement

Employee Experience Measurement from ForeSee measures satisfaction with key employee engagement drivers (e.g., workload, work environment, company leadership) and numerically quantifies the impact each driver has on employee satisfaction. As a result of this approach, we can predict with accuracy and reliability how you should prioritize initiatives to improve employee engagement.

Employee Analyst Support

Dedicated Analyst Support

ForeSee’s Employee Experience Analysts work with you every step of the way to provide a solution tailored to your unique business challenges, resulting in less work on your side. Your Employee Experience Analyst will manage your project from start to finish and analyze your results to uncover key insights, identify top priorities for improvement and prepare detailed reports for you and your leadership team.

Turn-Key Employee Satisfaction Survey System

A Turnkey System That Saves You Time

With ForeSee, your time investment in designing, executing and summarizing employee satisfaction surveys is reduced from months to days. We offer flexible deployment options, allowing your workforce to easily access your survey so you can capture more responses. Our solution also protects employee anonymity, fostering a trusted response environment.

Features & Benefits

Employee Experience Measurement from ForeSee lightens your workload so you can focus on making improvements that matter to your workforce.

Employee Experience Proven ApproachProven Measurement Approach

Our proven satisfaction measurement model is based on years of scientific and academic research, and our cause-and-effect framework shows you the impact individual elements of the employee experience have on future behaviors so you know where to prioritize improvements.

ForeSee Survey Development ExpertiseSurvey Development Expertise

We help you craft a survey that gets to the root of what drives employee engagement in your organization based on employee satisfaction research in industrial organization, human resource management, applied psychology and more.

Employee Experience Surveys Flexible Deployment ForeSeeFlexible Deployment Options

Surveys can be designed for web or mobile response, and invitations to participate can be distributed to your workforce via secure email tokens, web-based hyperlinks or text messages.

Employee Satisfaction Survey Identity ProtectionEmployee Identity Protection

To drive insights that are based on true and accurate data, our solution enables you to protect employee anonymity and foster a trusted response environment.

Employee Satisfaction Survey AnalysisExpert Analysis

Your Employee Experience Analyst serves as an extension of your team and delivers a detailed analysis of your employee experience data across your entire workforce as well as different employee groups.

Employee Experience SurveyPrescriptive Guidance

Your analyst will outline areas of the employee experience that require attention and identify the initiatives your organization should focus on to drive desired employee behaviors.

Detailed Employee Satisfaction ReportingDetailed Reporting

After presenting findings to your team, your analyst will provide detailed or easily digestible reports so you can clearly communicate results and recommendations with your leadership team.

Employee Satisfaction Data AccessData Access

In addition to reports provided by your analyst, you’ll also have access to your data in our online portal so you can monitor results and view reports representing all or unique employee groups.

In terms of the information we received and the level of support they gave us, I would give ForeSee really, really high marks.

Mary Jensen, Vice President of Human Resources, Sur La Table

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If you want to discover what drives employee satisfaction and engagement and make meaningful improvements to the employee experience, you need Employee Experience Measurement from ForeSee. Contact us to learn more.