ForeSee Feedback

Consumers expect seamless digital customer experiences that enable them to quickly complete their intended tasks. A feedback solution helps you get ahead of issues before they escalate or allows you to source insights about why your brand or products delight customers. But feedback tools currently available in the marketplace for opt-in surveys aren’t agile enough. Business users depend on third-parties or IT teams for survey creation and deployment while executives are unable to easily access the data.

ForeSee Feedback revolutionizes the way customer input is actioned by an organization while complementing their customer experience strategies for web and mobile. With category-transforming technologies like in-page analytics and self-service survey creation and deployment tools, it has never been easier for you to detect and alert teammates about customer issues—and profit from customer experience insights in real-time.

Features & Benefits

Convenient Self-Service Platform to Capture Voice of Customer with Speed

Easily configure branded feedback surveys as well as deploy and modify them without any dependencies on your IT or website teams. Collect feedback from web and mobile site visitors with star ratings, radio buttons, check boxes, drop-down lists and open-ended question fields.

In-Page Analytics Enable Instant Access to Real-Time, Actionable Insights

Quickly identify critical Voice of Customer trends with immediate, effortless access to one-of-a-kind in-page reporting. Review page-level and site-wide feedback metrics directly in the page you’re viewing without logging into a portal and share intelligence through exportable reports.

Page-Level and Site-Wide Insights Trigger Organizational Action

Present specific surveys on designated pages or throughout the overall site for targeted insights as well as issue resolution alerts for teams such as Technology, E-Commerce, Product, Customer Service or others in your company.

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