Loyalty Program Measurement

ForeSee Loyalty Program MeasurementToday’s consumers have no shortage of options when it comes to loyalty programs. According to the 2015 COLLOQUY Loyalty Census, average American households belong to 29 different loyalty programs but are only active in 12 of them. With all that competition, it’s critical to make your program stand out. Loyalty program leaders face challenges when it comes to solving issues such as low engagement, poor operational performance and member churn. While an abundance of operational and transactional metrics exist to measure success, it’s also critical to understand why members engage with your loyalty program—or they will lose interest over time and fail to interact. To understand the “why,” you need a customer-focused approach.

ForeSee Loyalty Program Measurement: Product Solution Sheet

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Drive Loyalty Program Engagement with Voice of Customer Insights

Traditional loyalty program metrics are great at telling you about member behavior from enrollment to redemption to churn. But these measurements don’t explain the attitudes behind customers’ actions. Adding Voice of Customer (VOC) analytics to your loyalty program measurement strategy enables you to accurately understand membership expectations and lets you see where it’s lacking—from the perspective of your members.

Gain Actionable Loyalty Program Intelligence

ForeSee’s expertise and approach to Voice of Customer links relationships between key elements of the loyalty program experience (e.g., enrollment, reward redemption, member communications) to member satisfaction and quantifies how increasing member satisfaction with priority areas will impact desired member behaviors (e.g., maintain membership, recommend the program/brand, purchase again).

ForeSee Loyalty Program Measurement Model

Our system of continuous measurement provides more than a diagnostic for performance. It also gives you priority maps that serve as strategic beacons to easily show which elements of your loyalty program experience matter most to your membership. With ForeSee, you gain insight into priorities across segments and membership tiers, enabling you to allocate resources and invest in aspects of your program you know can drive growth.

ForeSee Loyalty Program Measurement Priority Map

Features & Benefits

ForeSee Loyalty Program Measurement helps you discover and drive meaningful improvements . Key features include:

ForeSee Loyalty Program Measurement InsightsEasy-to-Access Insights

Our online role-based portals give you ongoing access to member intelligence to inform program intelligence and provides tools for drilling deeper into your member data, along with intuitive data visualizations.

ForeSee Loyalty Program Measurement ResultsSupport Business Cases with Quantifiable Results

Build your case for change with confidence. Our predictive analytics accurately quantify the impact improving the loyalty program experience has on business outcomes so executives and management can clearly understand the benefits your efforts can accomplish.

ForeSee Loyalty Program Measurement SupportOngoing Support from Industry Expert Analysts

From measurement model configuration to survey creation and implementation, your ForeSee Analyst acts as extension of your team to guide you on your path to success every step of the way. Your analyst will also package Voice of Customer insights into strategic business recommendations, so your team can spend more time executing instead of analyzing.

ForeSee Loyalty Program Measurement IntegrationIntegration with Your Internal Systems

Painlessly integrate customer experience data with your existing loyalty or CRM platform to create more meaningful segments for analysis, target outreach with more accuracy and execute campaigns that resonate with members.

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Loyalty programs can only help organizations deepen customer relationships if members actively use them and are satisfied. ForeSee Loyalty Program Measurement enables organizations to move beyond transactional data, giving you a deeper understanding of what drives member satisfaction and how to prioritize initiatives to realize long-term gains. Contact us to learn more, or download the Loyalty Program Measurement Product Solution Sheet.