ForeSee CX Measurement

Your customers interact with and tell others about your business in a lot of different ways — online, in person, over the phone and by using a variety of technologies, often simultaneously. ForeSee CX Measurement accurately measure the customer experience within and across channels. This helps you understand and act on what’s happening across your business so you can improve customer experience, create loyal customers and manage your business forward.

Powered by Proven Science

What sets ForeSee CX Measurement apart is the proven science of customer satisfaction — a leading indicator of business success. Our methodology goes beyond traditional customer feedback analysis to provide a cause-and-effect framework that shows the impact individual elements of your customer experience have on overall customer satisfaction — and how and where you should work to increase customer satisfaction to create better customer experiences. Learn more about ForeSee CX Measurement by channel:


ForeSee CX Measure for Web tells you how well your web experience is meeting the needs and expectations of your customers and potential customers. Gain insight into your web customer experience across multiple brands; user lifecycle stages (from browser to purchaser to fulfillment and more); and key functions such as support, search, checkout abandon and more. Discover who is coming to your website, what brought them there and how their experience influences their actual behavior. Learn More


Today, mobile devices are ubiquitous companions along every step of your customers’ journey. ForeSee CX Measure for Mobile provides insights into your mobile users’ needs, wants, expectations and intentions. This helps you determine how your mobile experience is influenced by other channels, how it influences other channels, and how it impacts the overall customer journey. Identify strengths and weaknesses by platform (iOS, Android) and device (phone, tablet) to help you target improvement opportunities that will have the greatest impact on your business. Learn More

Contact Centers

ForeSee CX Measure for Contact Centers goes beyond traditional operational metrics that only measure efficiency so you can understand how well your contact center handles interactions with customers and what to improve for future business success. Measure customer experience with multiple customer touch points, including call centers, live chat, email and self-service websites. Gain timely, actionable insights to use on the floor to ensure your agents are equipped to best satisfy the needs and expectations of your customers as well as understand how other channels can impact satisfaction with the contact center experience. Learn More


ForeSee CX Measure for Stores measures both the operational and strategic aspects of the in-store experience to deliver relevant and actionable customer experience insights throughout your retail operation. Executive management is provided with strategic guidance to understand where to make investments for bottom-line improvements, while store operations management gets the customer insights needed to keep associates focused on what matters most to your customers. Learn More

Social Media

Determine how your company’s social media initiatives impact the customer experience with ForeSee CX Measure for Social. Our analytics help you determine how your social media presence influences your customers beyond what you get from behavioral metrics so you’ll know how social media impacts desired customer behaviors, such as likelihood to purchase, recommend and return. Learn More