Customer Experience Analytics for Social Media

social-circleCounting fans and followers reveals something about your social media reach. But it tells you almost nothing about whether your social media initiatives are driving customers to the next phase of their journey. Are your Facebook fans more likely to recommend your organization than your Twitter followers? Are your fans and followers more likely to do business with you? Is your social presence having an impact on how your customers view your company and their likelihood to make a purchase? It’s time to find out.

See How Social Media Impacts Customer Experience

ForeSee CX Measure for Social is powered by our proven approach to customer experience measurement and is designed to help you gauge the effectiveness of your social initiatives in the context of the broader customer journey. CX Measure for Social helps you determine how your social media presence influences your customers beyond what you get from behavioral metrics, so you’ll know how your social media initiatives impact desired customer behaviors such as likelihood to purchase, recommend and return.

Key Features

With ForeSee CX Measure for Social, you can measure performance, gain intelligence about your social community, and prioritize and optimize your social initiatives. Whether you’re directing a standalone social media campaign designed to drive word-of-mouth and promote overall brand awareness, or a short-term initiative in support of a broader campaign, CX Measure for Social accurately measures the effectiveness of your customers’ complete social experience and uncovers dimensions of your social initiatives that drive visitors to desired outcomes. CX Measure for Social helps you gain deeper insight so you can:

Discover Your Social Impact

  • Are customers who interact with you via social media more satisfied with your company? More likely to make a purchase? More likely to recommend? CX Measure for Social lets you quantify the impact your social initiatives have on key customer behaviors.

Understand Your Social Audience

  • Are your most valuable fans and followers really who you think they are? Our analytics portals make it easy for you to view your social media audience in aggregate and by type (e.g., Twitter followers, Facebook fans, YouTube viewers, etc.), and in terms of demographics, behavior and frequency of use.

Identify and Prioritize Improvements

  • Focus your resources where they matter most. Discover which social platforms have the greatest impact on the customer experience, and shape plans to improve your social strategy.

Cut Through the Noise

  • Just because a customer doesn’t mention you in a Tweet, “like” one of your posts or click on an advertisement doesn’t mean he or she wasn’t influenced by your social presence. CX Measure for Social gives you insight about your social audience you can’t get from behavioral data alone.

Take Verbatims to Vivid Insights

  • Harness actionable insights from open-ended comments with ForeSee Sentiment Analytics and quantify positive and negative sentiment for deeper understanding of customer needs.
Measuring satisfaction and future behaviors helps us know if our social media initiatives further our goals.

Gary Platte, Research Specialist, MEDC

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Turn your social media presence into a strategic asset with ForeSee’s CX Measure for Social. We help you understand how social media impacts — or doesn’t impact — the complete customer journey. Contact us to learn more.