Customer Experience Analytics for Retail Stores

In-store customer experience analyticsToday’s shoppers have all the control. And when they’re in one of your retail stores, product reviews, friends’ opinions — and your competitors — are just a mobile device away. To create an in-store customer experience that entices shoppers to come back again and again, you need customer experience analytics that give you unprecedented insight into your in-store experience from your shoppers’ perspective.

Create a Better In-Store Customer Experience

ForeSee CX Measure for Stores continuously measures how your shoppers view your stores, using our proven approach to customer experience measurement so you can confidently understand how your customers feel about your stores today and predict how the experiences you provide will affect their future choices. Traditional store metrics are backward-looking and reactive, but CX Measure for Stores gives you the predictive power you need to take actions that will improve your in-store customer experience to keep your customers coming back.

Key Features

By identifying and improving what truly makes a difference to your shoppers and your bottom line with ForeSee CX Measure for Stores, you can create an in-store experience that strengthens your competitive position. Key features help you:

Gain Intelligence

  • Understand the needs and expectations of your shoppers as a whole and by segments integral to your business goals, and know who is shopping at your stores and why.

Inform Decision-Making

  • Keep the pulse of your shoppers throughout the year and gain an informed view of shopper satisfaction by seasons, key promotions and pilot initiatives.

Get Strategic Corporate-Level Insights

  • Discover which store experience elements (e.g., pricing, product mix) will likely result in larger cart values and return visits, and gain a deeper understanding of customer satisfaction.

Get Strategic Field-Level Insights

  • Compare performance by store, district and region to identify best practices, recognize and respond to dissatisfied customers in near real time and leverage objective shopper findings to gain support for store initiatives and improvements.

Generate Relevant Reports

  • Our analytics portals give you dynamic dashboards that make complex data easy to understand so you can profile customer personas, understand customer intent and diagnose with confidence your strengths, weaknesses and areas for improvement.

Benchmark Your Performance

Take Verbatims to Vivid Insights

  • Harness actionable insights from open-ended comments with ForeSee Sentiment Analytics and quantify positive and negative sentiment for deeper understanding of customer needs.
ForeSee gives customer intelligence that is more actionable than we have ever been able to get from past mystery shopper programs or other measurements of customer satisfaction.

Michele Hall, Director of Customer Experience, Charming CHARLIE

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ForeSee CX Measure for Stores gives you forward-looking, actionable metrics that allow you to accurately identify what your customers need and expect from your stores so they will purchase again, recommend your company to family and friends, and return. Contact us to learn why leading retailers like Build-a-Bear Workshop, Harley-Davidson, Perry Ellis and others use ForeSee CX Measure for Stores to create a better experience for their customers.