ForeSee Text Analytics

ForeSee Text Analytics boosts your customer experience measurement capabilities by harnessing actionable insights from the multitude of open-ended comments captured by your ForeSee surveys. You can quantify positive and negative sentiment in customer comments to trigger action and attention in your organization, complementing your predictive customer experience analytics.

Features & Benefits

Native Integration in a Predictive and Prioritized Framework Gives You the Ultimate in Text Analysis Efficiency

The ForeSee predictive model helps you identify where resources should best be allocated to drive change in the customer experience. The native integration of ForeSee Text Analytics within the ForeSee customer experience analytics portal enables you to quickly access and distill the impact that themes discovered within open-ended comments will have on the business.

Understand Sentiment Trends in Specific Open-Ended Questions with Aggregate Metrics

Quickly profile and review trends in survey respondent attitudes and gain insights in aggregate and at the individual comment level.

Identify What Drives Sentiment with Keyword and Topic Extraction

Themes are automatically and visually surfaced, allowing you to discover positive customer preferences or common complaints for a greater understanding of what drives success for your business.

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